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Changelog Final: Completely remade.

The purpose of this mode is to show how dlcs should be made and used. I made 4 different type DLC's:

-Regular DLC: all of you know its a standard you saw them every car mods. (DLC Name: FYO)
DLC FYO: Contains 9 Cars and 1 Bike (2 Baller S,3 Vacca, Detan, Solair Sedan, V-RS)

-Regular multiple DLC: Its multiple standard DLC's (DLC Names: FYO1, FYO2, FYO3, FYO4, FYO5)
DLC FYO1: Contains 2 Cars (2 different Baller S)
DLC FYO2: Contains 3 Cars (3 different Vacca)
DLC FYO3: Contains 1 Cars (DETAN)
DLC FYO4: Contains 1 Cars (Solair Sedan)
DLC FYO5: Contains 1 Bike (V-RS)

-2 Sub Folders DLC: this dlc contains total 3 dlc.rpf. its maded by me. So if you know manually adding vehicles this one is very useful for you. (DLC Name: FYOSUB)
DLC FYOSUB: Contains 9 Cars and 1 Bike (2 Baller S,3 Vacca, Detan, Solair Sedan, V-RS)

-4 Sub Folder DLC: This dlc contains total 5 dlc.rpf its maded by me. its capable around 20 gb total size means in one dlc name you'll add all your cars.(DLC Name: FYOSUB4)
DLC FYOSUB4: Contains 9 Cars and 1 Bike (2 Baller S,3 Vacca, Detan, Solair Sedan, V-RS)

DLC'S has cars which made by me but the purpose of this mod giving you an idea. With this mod you can easly figure how to add cars properly. But you need to open minded and don't afraid to try.

This mods for people who wants to know modding and enthusiastic about learning.

You need to install
Heap Adjuster:
Packfile Limit Adjuster:

Links of cars
Vapid Caracara Detan (Made by: Me):

Gallivanter Baller Blackline Sport (Made by: Me):

Pegassi Vacca Fixed Pack (Made by: Me):

Nagasaki V-RS (Made by: Me):

Willard Solair Sedan (Made by: Chouhanaxer and Me):
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