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    I'm not sure what "flawless widescreen" is and does. If it's just FOV adjustment you're looking for - this script does that, along with a whole bunch of other stuff... check the description?

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    I don't, and I provide less than zero support for anything FiveM.

    3 días
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    First of all - consider how your feedback looks, if it was directed to _you_. Do you think that'd increase the chances of it being taken seriously? Just read it back, slowly. It just looks like a hysterical rant.

    Now the issue - you're using a steering wheel which GTA V picks up as gamepad, and as such the controls are processed by the game as it would a controller. Which means certain actions are hard-bound to certain actions, like aiming and firing.

    This is outside of what Manual Transmission can do - it doesn't override gamepad input. If your wheel pretends to be a controller, then that's just that, nothing the script can do to cancel it.

    Finally, this doesn't have anything to do with the first person camera. I've as such removed the comment there. Don't comment off-topic, and especially don't rate-bomb an author because something isn't up to (some vague, non-disclosed) spec.

    If you'd be doing this to any other developer, you would've been banned already for harassment, so take this as your final warning on abusive communication.

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  • 628a93 ava sultan ai drift

    Yeah, that's just how GTA works, there is no real rev limiter.

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  • 628a93 ava sultan ai drift

    Movement roughness.
    Smaller = smoother.

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  • 628a93 ava sultan ai drift
  • 628a93 ava sultan ai drift

    It doesn't do anything if no other script is using it.

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  • 628a93 ava sultan ai drift

    Why'd you need to disable it?

    7 días
  • 628a93 ava sultan ai drift

    I'm finalizing the split-off FPV camera, shouldn't take terribly long. At most it'll probably be released next weekend.

    Domingo 15 de Xaneiro de 2023
  • 628a93 ava sultan ai drift
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    Features and improvements:

    * Loads additional parameter descriptions from the GTAVHandlingInfo repository (notes.json is automatically updated, like flags.json)
    * Support most SubHandlingData, except for vehicle weapons. Thanks to @fingaweg for the class definitions!
    * Add missing fPopUpLightRotation, fRocketBoostCapacity, fBoostMaxSpeed to main handling parameters


    * Update center of mass on respawns and when loading a handling file
    * Minor improvements by @fingaweg

    Venres 6 de Xaneiro de 2023