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    Disable launch control, traction control and stability control for vehicles you want to drift.

    Also some advanced flags have the game itself do some traction control, so disable that too.

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    Those probably are from your add-ons. Sometimes mod authors get sloppy and leave in files from deleted projects. If there are enough data files the trainer spawns them normally, otherwise it'll fail, saying it can't find the model or something.

    @Igor_Kozlovskiy @Susannooo
    You just installed your add-on cars wrongly.

    13 horas
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    @Ramtin_ace_thm @MD Makaveli
    GTA5-Mods.com has a Discord, we sometimes talk about handling: https://discord.gg/hwYVCmw
    @Aquaphobic has consolidated information found, here: https://discord.gg/Gx46Zxu

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    Turns out it's not CGR, but uninitialized memory. Changed it to read just an uint8_t and it works fine now.

    Update - soon?

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    It's just a false positive. Report it to your whatever AV you use so they can update their definitions.

    For clarity, these are just data files and about as harmless as your average jpg.

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    1.1.0 update:

    - Adds an option to enable custom gear ratios for NPC vehicles
    - Fixes version detection causing FiveM to crash

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    The game already has logic to handle CVTs, changing ratios with the script would override things and cause weird behavior. There is an option to enable CVT simulation on vehicles that *do not* come with CVT, and by manually setting the number of gears to 1, they'll behave like proper CVTs - with ratios being anything it needs to be.


    Nope. Maybe Aquaphobics' handlings?

    1.0.3 has worked fine up to now (b2245) for me, so it's probably just something on your side.

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    There are no changes regarding keyboard/steering input between 5.1.1 and 5.2.0. You probably used "Default" for the enhanced steering option(s) and it got set to Enhanced during an update.

    Apparently this has never worked, since that line of code should just use whatever the game tells the correct setting is.

    Revert to using the Default mode for that option.

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    Camera settings are already saved per vehicle.

    That's ReShades own problem of trying to be an anti-cheat. Plenty of sim-oriented games export telemetry over UDP for gadgets like external dashboards, butt kickers and movement things.

    It just uses whatever the steering is assigned to and doesn't use A/D or left/right, so no idea.

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    1. No, there's a hard limiter for max RPM already. Any lower wouldn't make sense.
    2. No, that's too much effort.
    3. No, adaptive cruise control should already brake if any vehicle within detection range is getting close too fast.

    @Ramtin_ace_thm @itshazeyo @szhitt

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