Someone wants to kill you


Someone wants to kill you.
We do not know who.
We do not know why.
But with the life you've led you had to expect this.

Someone has hired a team of killers to kill you. They are waiting for you, follow you, hiding in plain sight.

Anyone can be a killer and can attack you at any time.
Never let your guard down. and maybe you'll survive.

Just a first test. Some peds that await you in places where you want/you need to go and want to kill you.

For now are few, only Los Santos, around the houses, LS custom, marine, hospitals. but in the future could become a lot more.

I played for a while, it is a delirium... attack you by surprise, they follow you, move, I find them in places you do not expect ... and I placed them by myself ...
(In the video you understand better than in the photos)

Try it, and tell me how you think. If bullshit patience, though cute, maybe we expand.

You can deal with different thematic, for now I have made a couple.
Some girls hate you
Someone wants to kill you

Maybe in the future in different places, with different thematic.

Places where you can put, armaments, the characters are an infinite number ... it is a mess ...
We accept suggestions ...
For example, where would you be killed?

Let me know what you think.

You need Map Editor by Guadmaz.
F7 -> load -> xml -> sghy
You can put it in the scripts/AutoloadMaps folder to load it on startup.

Create maps for this game is a big work and take a lot of time !! So if you like my uploads and want to Encourage me, you can donate by the way of paypal by clicking under my nickname
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