CW The Flash Characters Pack (Addon Ped Version) FINAL


ATTENTION: The development of this pack is stopped, all the new CW The Flash themed skins will be included in the new pack by our team - CW The Flash DLC. It has all current CW The Flash skins as one DLC, provided with .OIV package and special menu to make the installation and in-game usage easier.

If you want to use our textures in your projects, don't forget to pay credits to the original authors.

This pack includes The Flash, Reverse Flash and Zoom from CW's The Flash.
Each skin has good rigment, weight, facial animation, realistic suit effects and working damages.

1.Install https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/addonpeds-asi-pedselector.
2.Place ped files to update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf\.
3.Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add ped in the list (check ReadMe for AddonPeds).
4.Place .ini files of the suits into Scripts\The Flash Files\Suits.

3.5: Added The Flash Season 4 from Injustice 2 with improvements: custom Barry Allen head, better texture (suit tone, details), improved effects.
Little fix 09/27/17: Minor fixes in The Flash 2024, added correct .ymt file which enables the spawn of The Flash Season 1.
3.0: Big improvement for The Flash: rebuilt body, new Barry Allen head, improved texture of The Flash 2024/Season 4. Improvements in rigment and weight of Reverse Flash and Zoom.
2.1:Added The Flash 2024 from 3x19, the old Future Flash skin was kept as optional brighter red version of season 2-3 suit. Added new CW The Flash with better body proportions, suit effects and LODs (the skin doesn't glitch on the big distance). Also I kept the old version for people who may find the new one strange-looking.
Little changelog 02/20/17: Removed old MP versions of the skins, fixed ini files for Reverse Flash.
Little changelog 02/17/17: Fixed .oiv packages for MP character versions, added Reverse Flash with glowing eyes effect closer to the series look.
2.0:Added Reverse Flash ped model (by Barak101).
1.7:Fixes for Zoom ped model (by Barak101): better rigment, new gloves, new leather effect. Fixes for The Flash and Barry Allen ped models (by nsh3t): better leather effect, better fiber texture.
Little changelog 01/10/17:Season 2-3 suit color is now closer to the real one.
1.6: Added The Flash ped model and unmasked Barry (by Barak101) with 3 suits versions: Season 1, Season 2-3 and Future Flash 2024 (from 1x23).
1.5: Added Reverse Flash red glowing eyes thanks to Barak101. I recommend to use VisualV + any other graphical mod to have the stronger effect (the intensity depends on ReShade + ENB settings).
1.4: ADDED ZOOM PED MODEL. Thanks to Barak101 we now have Zoom model by Dusty (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549723093&searchtext=) improved with my textures.
1.3: Added .oiv packages. Changed Speed Force color for The Flash and Zoom. Little fixes for Zoom.
1.2+: Zoom update: New hands with clenched fingers, better mask texture.
1.2: The Flash buggy ported boots and gloves were replaced with retextured clothes, a little fix for the top, added "season 1" top. Added better boots for Reverse Flash. Added better pants and enhanced top for Zoom.
1.1: Updated Zoom Suit. Added "Zoom without claws" configuration.

Do you like this work? If you do, please donate, it'll really kick me up to do more cool skins.
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