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  • Ac63cc unnamed

    @RJ-7 The date is right where all current version information is shown, it's April 25 2021

    Venres 28 de Xaneiro de 2022
  • Ac63cc unnamed

    @Bear King He sure didn't

    Domingo 23 de Xaneiro de 2022
  • Ac63cc unnamed

    Not at all Lotus suit, but a nice classic suit indeed

    Martes 9 de Novembro de 2021
  • Ac63cc unnamed

    @VLADIMPALER72 You'd better change the mod section to Misc, it's more appropriate since Scripts section is meant to be for full-on scripts, not configs

    Venres 2 de Abril de 2021
  • Ac63cc unnamed

    @Jonnhflash Maybe, but they're really, really not in priority rn. Also it's problematic to make female heads in the program I'm using for head modeling

    Luns 22 de Marzo de 2021
  • Ac63cc unnamed

    @SilkTeam Hey, may I wonder if you'd have an idea of how to make Darkseid's Omega Beam possible in GTA V? Like I totally understand how hard it can be since it would need laser effect to bend in various directions somehow, such stuff might be impossible even for JulioNIB, but maybe it could use some other effect which could be "segmented" to be possible to change direction. Either way, I gave you food for thought, and if you eventually come up with some ideas, it would be great)

    Mércores 17 de Marzo de 2021
  • Ac63cc unnamed

    @Lilaaloo You can simply look up the names in the DLC, same as with Addon Peds

    Mércores 10 de Marzo de 2021
  • Ac63cc unnamed

    @Lilaaloo For unknown reason CW DLC Menu doesn't work for some people, yeah, it didn't work for me too when I used Win7, but it does work now on Win10. If you experience that problem on Win10, for now I can only recommend to load characters through trainers like Menyoo or Simple Trainer if you want them powerless and through The Flash/Superman script menu to have powers

    Martes 9 de Marzo de 2021
  • Ac63cc unnamed

    @Youngcole13 Can't promise for now, even though we basically have skirtless Supergirl model for Overgirl, texturing new suit can be tough

    Sábado 6 de Marzo de 2021
  • Ac63cc unnamed

    @Youngcole13 Rechecked uploaded 2.0 OIV, Supergirl and Overgirl have cloth physics in it, so maybe you could download 1.6 when it was still set as current, and if you downloaded 2.0, then I'm not sure how it may not work to you. Menu works perfectly too, but I myself had problems with it when I was on Win7, had to do something with Temp folder, but I just didn't use it back then, so if it doesn't work to you either on Win7 or 10, I recommend just to load skins straight through The Flash/Superman script menu or trainer

    Venres 5 de Marzo de 2021