Dragonball Super Broly (Transformation HUD, Voice, and Ped included) 2.3


Special thanks to my friend, dreadnot :)

From the Dragonball Super movie, Broly is here!
Includes custom clothing (3 forms)

Read the readme.txt for installation instructions but it is very simple if you installed peds/skins before

Base form and Great Ape Rage can only use melee (These ini files are intended for AI only)
SSJ and LSSJ can use all ki attacks

1.0a - fixed transformations
1.0b - nerfed regeneration for DBZ
1.0c - fixed Based broly DBZ and rebalanced ini files
1.0d - Nerfed regeneration a lot.
Big update: requires JulioNIB DBZ script version 1.2:
- Added form icons for transformation menu (Hold T)
- Added voice clips to certain melee and ki attacks
- Includes ini files that fit the new DBZ update (and matches the clothes of broly)
- Nerfed HP for base form and rage form, forgot to do that
- Fixed 2 sounds (destructo disk start up and genki dama shoot)
- The ini files will now use the actual sound pack (put my broly soundpack in the sounds folder. It should be "Sounds/Broly"
- Rebalanced health regeneration and damage. (Destructo disk was WAY too strong + Kamehameha was way too weak)
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