Automatic turnlights 2.1

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Whenever you have a waypoint set, it helps you navigate by enabling blinkers when approaching an intersection, showing you where you need to go, just like in Brütal Legend or The Getaway. Allows for a more immersive gameplay, with HUD disabled, for example. Yes, it's a bit glitchy, but actually just as glitchy as that little arrow in the corner or the minimap is, if you look closely. Sadly, it only works with the manual waypoint. Originally requested by me, but also by a lot of players all over the internet, and finally implemented by @aimless, then slightly edited by me again.

Update 2.0
Now it allows you to manually control your blinkers if you don't have a waypoint. In theory it should let you do that even if you do have it and only kick in once when approaching another junction, but oh well, I'm not a scripter after all, don't put the blame on me.

Update 2.1
When commenting out the unneeded line I totally forgot that it also affected the closing brackets and made the script uncompilable. Hotfixed.
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