Burnout Wheelie v1.2


This script brings to the game the ability to do Wheelies with
your cars!

Wheelies are performed after you have done a long enough burnout, but the wheelie will be lost if you stop accelerating at any moment.

By default, the script allows all vehicles to perform wheelies, but you can enable a "realistic" mode in the .ini configuration file, to make the script run under these rules:

  • Cars with Engine Upgrades at Level 3 or 4 can perform a wheelie
  • Lowered Suspension upgrades prevent the car from doing wheelies
  • Wheelie Bars actually prevent the car from lifting too much when performing a wheelie
  • Hot Rods (Hotknife, Dukes, Buccaneer, RatLoader, Sabre GT and the new Lurcher) can perform wheelies without engine upgrades

"BurnoutWheelie.dll" and "BurnoutWheelie.ini" go inside \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\ folder.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV > v1.0.505.2
ScriptHookVDotNet > 2.3

In the .ini file you can allow the script to affect all vehicles equally, or let it work more realistically, requiring engine upgrades for most vehicles to perform a wheelie. Read the points above.

  • Make AI drivers do it too
  • Tweak anything you guys notice not working as intended

Credits - Sjaak133 for showing me how to apply force to an entity! This script works based on that. Source code
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