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GoThere is a plugin for Grand Theft Auto V that utilizes RagePluginHook as well as RageNativeUI to let players teleport to designated locations on the map easily. There are preset destinations built into the plugin, along with the option for users to create their own destinations from the in-game menu.


Simply press the menu key (default F4) to begin using GoThere in-game! Use arrow keys to navigate the menu, just as you would with any other menu. Custom locations can be added in game or manually by modifying the CustomLocations.xml file found in Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/GoThere. A sample location has been provided within the document that you may use as a template.

Options for GoThere can be found in Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/GoThere inside of the Options.xml file.

Add a custom location by navigating to the "Custom Locations" portion of the GoThere Menu, select "Save Current Location", and give it a catchy name. 

Delete a custom location by pressing the remove location key (default R) once to begin deletion, and pressing again to confirm you would like to delete the location.

GoThere also features preset police station destinations meant to be used in tandem with the LSPDFR modification. Navigate the "Stations" list with the left and right arrow keys and press enter to teleport to any desired police station around the map.

Console commands are also a feature of this plugin! The commands TeleportTo are included by default in this plugin to enable users to use the console to teleport to their desired police location -- already supported by the plugin! In addition to TeleportTo, there is also a command called GetLocation that is meant to be used for debugging purposes. This command will display the player's current X,Y, and Z coordinates as well as their heading -- this works perfectly for manually adding custom locations.

RageNativeUI by alexguirre

- RagePluginHook


Once opening GoThere.zip, simply drag and drop the contents of the "Grand Theft Auto V" folder within the zip archive into your Grand Theft Auto V installation folder and start up the game!

Known Bugs
- None currently :) Please leave a comment or PM me if you find one.

What's New
Bug Fixes:
- "Prevent" GoThere from being loaded multiple times.
- GoThere now prefers only a single instance, however can still be forcibly loaded more
than once.
- Custom Locations being disabled no longer breaks GoThere.
- Link to key names in Options.xml is now formatted properly.

New Features:
- Added support for menu modifier key (keyboard input).
- Custom Locations are now enabled by default.

GoThere is open-source and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

Feel free to contribute to GoThere or just view the code for the plugin here.
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