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I'm happy present to you my first mod GunShot Wound or simply GSW!

This mod is based on the SOB's idea and inspired by his mod Extreme Difficulty Health Realism.
But it's totally my mod, from the SOB's mod i used only idea and some text-strings.
Also i used mechanics(not code) from Paramedics Heal Player by ianw240.

My script add wounding and bleeding system that totally changes gameplay and make it more realistic and hardcore.
My mod totaly reworks health and armor system, other mods that change this is uncompatible with my mod.
After the player is damaged, script identifies what body part damaged and what weapon made it happen. After this random select type of damage.
Different types of damage lead to different bleeding and wounds. For example, bullet can fly through you and leave superficial damage and some bleeding, but also bullet can punctured lung and it will be a deadly wound.
Damaged legs make you slow, and damaged arms make you hard to aim, damaged nerves make it both.

My script has 5 states of wounds and bleeding:
- None
- Light
- Medium
- Heavy
- Deadly

Light and middle wounds almost doesn't affect to gameplay.
With heavy wounds you got variable effects and slowly animation, also you can't sprint anymore.
Deadly wounds start death-timer, you move very slowly and if you will not get an aid-kit you will die. In config you can turn on/off slowmotion on deadly wounds.

Bleeding injuries of varying severity differ only how many health you loose. It doesn't change animation or something else.
Wounds and bleeding injuries can be healed by itself after some time, except deadly wounds and deadly bleeding.
Script's working with any damage. So simply сar accident can kill you like in IRL.

Additional Features

Hit-based system
Damages depend on what body part was damaged. Headshots almost always are deadly, armor can save your body, but not extremities.

If you are wounded, you can try to call 911 or find medics to heal. You must to stay close near medic for healing. When medics close to you on 2 metres, you will increase your health and speeding up healing your wounds and injuries, but deadly wounds or damaged nerves/legs/arms you can heal only with aid-kits or death.

Motorbike Helmets
Helmets can save your head from impacts or small-caliber weapons with 50% chance.
You can get helmet for $30 with helmet-hotkey, by default J.

Wounded Peds
In config you can find option that let script influence on surrounded peds. With this option you don't need realistic weapon damage anymore, but if you want to get more damage to your weapon, you can find damage-multiplier in config.
Peds can bleeding now and they decrease movement speed, animation and accuracy after wounds.
But use infuence on surrounded peds carefully, it can strike on your perfomance and possibly can create troubles in mission, when you have friendly ped!.
If you got FPS drop, try to reduce working range. You can turn on this feature in WoundedPedsEnabled-option,

For Other Modders
Just check sources here: https://github.com/SH42913/gunshotwound/wiki

Default Hotkeys
K - Heal Yourself
J - Get/Remove Helmet
Multiply(*) on NumPad - On/Off Subtitles Status(like on 2 screenshot)
Divide(/) on NumPad - Check yourself. Generate notifications about wounds state.

How to install
1) Install ScriptHookVDotNet & ScriptHookV
2) Download and unpack archive
3) Set xml-config as what you want
4) Place "GunshotWound.dll" and "GunshotWoundConfig.xml" inside a folder named "scripts" in your main GTA V directory
5) Launch GTAV and try not to die quickly

I recommend use my mod with:
- Forced First Person Aim if you like classical GTA third person view, but also you like aiming from first-person. It's great experience!
- Gun Recoil for make your gameplay realistic, harder and more interesting
- Automatic SlowMo for beautiful slow motion in right time
- Better Weapon Ragdoll for loosing your weapon from car-accident
- Euphoria ragdoll overhaul for more realistic ped's reaction
- Realism Dispatch Enhanced. For more realistic cop chases.
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