Koenigsegg Door Script 1.2.0




• Installation is simple, Copy all the files to the scripts folder in your GTA V
• When you add a new model. Don't forget to add the model name to the
KoenigseggDoor\VehicleLists.cfg file.(Use a new line to type in the name)
• Additionally you can add the same car in this list as well, if you want the auto
window function :
KoenigseggDoor\VehicleListForWindows.cfg file.(Use a new line to type in the name)


• ScriptHookV
• ScriptHookVDotNet
• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8


This script will enable some of the Koenigsegg models to have a full animated
dihedral synchro-helix actuation door.

NOTE: Some of the models might have glitches where your character wont be able to
get into the car sometimes (Mostly when it is parked in an inclined road). I just
wanted to clarify that it is not a bug of my mod.

An example model that utilizes a door script :


V 1.0.0 :

Initial Release

V 1.0.1 :

Fixed a bug where the door don't rotate to max when trying to enter the car and leaving.

V 1.2.0 :

Added a new feature : A second config file is added (KoenigseggDoor\VehicleListForWindows.cfg).
If you add your cars here, they will have auto roll-down and roll-up windows when the door
opens and closes.

NOTE: Some cars don't have working separate windows mapped to the model, as a result this feature might not work for these models. You can cross-verify them with the native trainer by trying to roll-down the windows with it. Or simply try to shoot at it, If it breaks it is good to go. If it doesn't, this feature wont work for the particular model.

CHEERS ^_^ !!!
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