Wearable Control (working night/thermal vision & more) [.Net] 2.2



As the mod is growing it would be more comfortable to discuss any matters in Discord

A simple mod adding a feature to toggle on/off NVGs, Thermal vision goggles, visors and more!
Configurable for any ped/hat. In future versions I plan on bringing in more clothes.
The list of actions is fully customizable an will be expanded.
Feel free to leave your config in comments section and it will be added to the config repo and I'll mention you as a contributor.

What's coming in next update (2.2)
  • Fixed unopenable menu
  • Introduced "Type" field to the configurable entity (description later)
  • Added ability for outer tops toggle (like shirts, hoodies, etc., currently only MP Male shirt #126 available) (Experimental)
  • Increased add-on clothes compatibility
  • Animation support extension: just take any animation group (with or without repeating "@" now does not matter, just join group and name with "@")

Place WearableControl.dll, WearableControl.ini, Newtonsoft.Json.dll and WearableControlData.json into "scripts" folder.
You'll need Script Hook V & Script Hook .NET and NativeUI

A new version brings an ability to configure the mod by yourself for any type of hats (more clothes will be added in future) for any ped!
The configuration is in JSON type and has only 6 attributes

How to configure attributes
  • PedModel - PedHash (like FreemodeMale01, all hashes here)
  • OnId - The id of clothing when it is toggled 'on'. Can be found with any trainer.
  • OffId - The id of clothing when it is toggled 'off'. Can be found with any trainer.
  • Effect - Vision effect (Currently only supports these values: NightVision/ThermalVision/None)
  • AnimationOn - Animation when player toggles clothing on. Can be find with trainer. E.g Menyoo (Player Options -> Animations -> All Animations)
  • AnimationOff - The same as above

More on animations:
Join the animation group and name with @
Example: for goggles, animation group is 'anim@mp_helmets@on_foot', and name 'goggles_up' or 'goggles_down', (see result in example below)
AnimationOff/On attribute can be left empty

Full example config for the clothing:

"PedModel": "FreemodeMale01",
"OnId": 116,
"OffId": 117,
"Effect": "NightVision",
"AnimationOn": "anim@mp_helmets@on_foot@goggles_down",
"AnimationOff": "anim@mp_helmets@on_foot@goggles_up"

Controls and configuration
"N" - toggle hat function/put on/off
"K" - put on/off mask
"F7" - toggle UI

Modification is pretty straightforward, replace your keys in .ini file


  • Added support for Michael & Franklin
  • Manual hat configuration is no longer required!
  • If the hat is not specified in WearableControlData.json it will use default animation
  • Hats not specified in JSON will be put off/on instead of using special effect (like NVG toggle)
  • Masks now can be put on/off with a key binding
  • Glasses now can be put on/off (currently UI only)
  • UI introduction: A menu will allow to use mod features without separate keybindings

- Introduced a customizable config
- Hats and peds are no longer limited

- Fixed quad goggles - now triggering thermal vision effect
- Works with MP female

- Initial Release

Known issues
- The UI selection is currently pretty fast-switching (gotta short-press arrow keys to select desired option). Status: WIP
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