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    @Slash_Alex AWESOME!
    Wasn't sure about files being saved elsewhere, other than the Main gta V dir and My documents. (I did delete the 'ent.bd', located where you said it would be.)
    I did have Two controllers plugged in. (G29 Wheel, Xbox one controller.), (wheel must be plugged in before starting, or it does not detect it.)
    No clue if it will work @ the moment, with new Casino update today.

    Thank you,
    Best mod, hard to play without it!

    Martes 23 de Xullo de 2019
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    @Slash_Alex Sorry, helps to explain. I wanted a fresh install of GTA because my game would make it to the loading screen and then kick me out entirely, when i should appear ingame. So i started all over with no mods. Always start with the (NEEDED FILES) Native Trainer, script hook mods, etc. Then of course your trainer (the only one i use, BEST ONE).
    My point, i have 3 to 4 mods installed and after trying one mod at a time. I found out this mod, is what was sending me back to my desktop. No Clue why? I know for a fact that it was this mod though.
    No error, no launcher appearing after being kicked saying there was an issue.

    Martes 23 de Xullo de 2019
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    Nothing happens. I have very little mods installed. All installed mods all your mods really.

    Martes 23 de Xullo de 2019
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    Deleted everything trying to find what was breaking my game, and it is this mod.
    Script hook mods, Benny's Sp mod and Manual Trans mod. So not too many mods to push blame on.
    Idk what it is doing, but everything works when i take it out?

    Martes 23 de Xullo de 2019
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    @LootsterGaming Mine stopped as well. Not shifting gears at all. even after mapping them

    Martes 11 de Xuño de 2019
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    I'd like to be the Towing guy myself picking up and dropping off cars

    Domingo 22 de Xullo de 2018
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    Play with this mod everyday!
    Anyway to stop the timer all together?

    Venres 13 de Xullo de 2018
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    Bam!! A+ for effort. I myself can't make a mod.
    Map editor, vehicle skin change or a minor script change is my skill limit. Good for you dude.
    No i didn't Download it ( you called it ). I had seen it last night and just thought "WTF!
    This this turning into a butthurt spider who found a fly. Props for your upload, i could care less but hope people love it.

    Mércores 1 de Novembro de 2017
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    No, actually i dont go to other mods and comment. this is the first waste of time ive come across and put a poor review for a poor mod. Quit being salty because someone who doesnt matter dislikes your mod. Grow a pair and take negative criticism with the positive.

    Martes 31 de Outubro de 2017