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    I tried using this mod multiple times and was disappointed every time. Whenever I try to enter a garage, I fall through the floor, and respawn somewhere random. Yes, I have all the requirements, as this is the only mod that doesn't work. I have ScriptHookV, ScriptHookDotNet, RAGE, Darkmyre API, all sorts of requirements, yet I have never managed to make this mod work. Shame, would have been a great mod to play with.

    Mércores 12 de Setembro de 2018
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    @Reyser hey so I want to merge around 50 addon vehicle folders into 1 (or just reduce the amount of folders, like by half or something), because if I add more than 50 folders the game crashes on startup. Your tutorial covers the conversion from addon to replace (and vice versa), as well as how to create your addon, but I didn't find how to merge dlc.rpf or addon vehicles. Can you help me please ?

    Mércores 6 de Xuño de 2018
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    To anyone having the same issue I mentioned in my other comment, if you want to disable the radio, follow these steps:
    1- open "MrchaztaSmartFuelMod[PERTAMINA].lua" with notepad
    2- Press Ctrl+F
    3- Type "radio" in the search bar
    4- You will get 2 results, go to the second one
    5- Change "AUDIO.SET_VEHICLE_RADIO_ENABLED(mobilPlayer, true)" to AUDIO.SET_VEHICLE_RADIO_ENABLED(mobilPlayer, false)". This will disable the control the mod has on the radio.

    Xoves 31 de Maio de 2018
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    How do you change the keybindings for this ? Because turning off the radio on a controller is RS, and that button is also for looking behind you. So can you either change it or disable it ? I don't even use the radio anyway, but the mod overwrites the others and forces the radio ON which is incredibly annoying.

    Mércores 30 de Maio de 2018