Liberty City, Liberty State
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    @Mangokillen I don't think I can add night vision googles, I mean I could but I don't think "accs" can hold more than 3 slots so I would have to make 2 seperate versions for riot glass and night vision. IF you were to be satisfied with this I could do that and add it as seperate version. As for riot glass I won't change it, I'm satisfied with this texture and if I were to make it complately transparent I don't think it would be seeable

    Domingo 31 de Xullo de 2022
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    Screens have terrible quality because I had to scale them down due to site's regulations

    Sábado 30 de Xullo de 2022
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    @Jacobmaate So first of all I wanted to say I love this bearcat, surely the best quality bearcat out there. Second of all is I have a question: Are the headlights meant to be so much in front of the vehicle? Because that's what is going on with my bearcat. Like the light form the headlights is a couple meters in front of actual lamps, don't know if that's intenional or not thus' I'm asking here.

    Martes 8 de Febreiro de 2022
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    @Larcius Great mod, but having an issue when being in this park downtown, near FIB, some LODs are being activated very close when in specific angles, also similar thing happening with Arcadius building but you can barely see it. Anyway to fix this? Any help would be appreciated.

    Venres 28 de Xaneiro de 2022
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    @WisraelRX is there any template for liverys? Also are you planning to add an unarmed version?

    Venres 14 de Xaneiro de 2022
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    Epic, awsome, amazing, beautiful, pretty, class, and more. I don't even know how to describe it in words, It's like my dream came true and we finally have a great representative for Merryweather, and the fact it's lore-friendly cars and non-els. P E R F E C T I O N.

    Domingo 2 de Xaneiro de 2022
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    @SkylineGTRFreak Lovely model, I really like this shaped APC's but could you make a version without a grenade launcher? I tried doing this myself but I can't get Zmodeler to work for me and I don't know how to get 3DS Max without either paying incredibly lot or getting it free without geting my ass completely virused and scammed. I don't know how hard and time consuming is it for you to sit and do sth like that but I hope you could do that sometime, like when you'll be done with everything else. I wish you all the best :)

    Mércores 18 de Agosto de 2021
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    WOW! This is soooo coool, like It's well made, high quality etc. but for me the main thing is finally a working unarmed annihilator with closed doors that can be used in dispatch.meta with zero problems. And btw I LOVE that NOOSE Cruiser's and Patriot's Laptops turn on/off depending if engine is on/off. Truly one of the Greatest NOOSE packs out there.

    Martes 22 de Xuño de 2021
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    @Dilapidated Is there a reason why I can't write anything as a default discord server member? If I'll have a problem, where am I supposed to write it? And how do you become a member(role)?

    Martes 1 de Xuño de 2021
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    @Nachtfliege I have a problem with lights not working. Any idea what could happend?

    Luns 8 de Marzo de 2021