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    @Totti Rumeno Wow it's true, I didn't know that! Funny fact haha :)

    Mércores 29 de Xuño de 2022
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    Well, I didn't know Bayern Munich and AS Monaco were fused :D

    Domingo 26 de Xuño de 2022
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    (: !cipE !LOL aedi eciN

    Venres 10 de Xuño de 2022
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    "Eén ding zal ik je vertellen, één ding: Thunderdome IS hardcore!"
    "Jullie moeten allemaal hardcore luisteren, hardcore is leven, wij zijn hardcore, en hardcore will never die!!!!"
    "Ik ben overgestapt in de muziek, ik kom eigenlijk uit de hardrockwereld, laat ik het zo zeggen"
    "Thunderdome heeft een heel aparte sfeer"

    Just some random Dutch memes about Thunderdome... 5 stars, just for the idea lol

    Xoves 9 de Xuño de 2022
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    Awesome! Too bad he's in that P$G shirt now, Barcelona will always be his real home. Nice to see you like my stadium mod as well haha, fantastic :D And you clearly found one of the easter eggs!

    Venres 20 de Maio de 2022
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    @YHWHDios I agree with you about the mod, but please leave that saying about "is into the autistic levels"... I think it's a little wrong to say it that way, to be honest. Autism Spectrum is something that comes in countless forms and people using it like that on the internet, I don't know, it seems very wrong to me. A lot of people have a very negative and incorrect view of it and it isn't going to get any better this way I'm afraid.

    Anyway apart from that, this mod has great potential but for now it's indeed a kind of overload.

    Domingo 10 de Abril de 2022
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    @JP-Julia Lol, no gta plate, so just rate half a star, eh? Viewing your profile and seeing the comments you post lately, I think you should rate your own behaviour with half stars, just saying. Try using your brain please. No offense, but come on...

    Martes 8 de Marzo de 2022
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    Nice! You retextured the map back in GTA IV? I didn't know! Looks great from what I can see.
    Yeah, I am thinking of doing Singapore this year, will see

    Venres 7 de Xaneiro de 2022
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    @ReNNie Nice! I will check this new plugin out! As for the race tracks, I think I might try to remaster my Monaco one and maybe port a new one in 2022, maybe Singapore or something. Currently I'm working on a Maze Bank Arena replacement

    Xoves 30 de Decembro de 2021
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    Thanks to everyone for the feedback and comments!

    @ReNNie @Glennjitsu
    Hi, I have a Discord but I have to say I can't keep track of all of what's going on there haha, I'm also not a lot on there, far too little actually :/ My discord is GTA Belgium#6287 but sometimes it might be better to contact me on this site in the chat. Anyway, thanks and ReNNie, what tools are you referring to especially?

    I understand your point man... Especially now with the circumstances in Qatar for the corrupt world cup, my eyes opened up... At the time I created this mod, I have to say, I did not really know about all that. But I don't think I will ever release a mod again with 'corrupt' content, if I can call it like that.

    Xoves 30 de Decembro de 2021