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    Lovely Car. Thanks. I'm wondering what texture is responsible for the darkening of the lights when the car gets muddy? I'm using 'Rain Effects - Enhancement Script' (it basically uses mud effect to create a rain effect in Rain & Stormy weather) so when it rains the glass in my lights goes dark.
    I know my way around GTA V modding, just point me in the right direction. Thanks :)

    Domingo 11 de Marzo de 2018
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    Just wondering how one would use '<removefromworld>'. I've tried using my assigned delete button to remove items (I have not placed in the world) & then saved the map but nothing seems to happen (nothing changes in map .xml). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Mércores 24 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    @gtav tornado @Darkgamer-ale
    Load up OpenIV, hit Ctrl+F3, type 'police2.yft' in search box, press [Search].
    Right-click the 'police2.yft' in the latest (ie highest) patchday*ng (hint: patchday3ng :thumbsup:) folder path, select 'go to file' .
    Type 'police2' in the 'Filter gta5' box (top right). There. That's where you install it (ie replace 'police2_hi.yft', 'police2.yft' & 'police2.ytd')

    Martes 9 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    @Gokhil @libertz
    For the "Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.
    Failed to load The Dispatch Ghost Fix"
    Make sure 'Encoding' tab in Notepad++ is set to 'Encode in UTF-8' & NOT 'Encode in UTF-8 BOM'!
    If that doesn't work try the advice in this: https://coding.abel.nu/2014/09/configure-xml-formatting-in-notepad/ setting 'User ext' to 'config csproj sln'.
    I did both & it fixed it for me.

    Mércores 3 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    Phenomenal work! What a brilliant bit of kit this is :) Just wondering if it is possible to edit the size/scale/position etc of timecycle boxes? Or create new ones?

    Luns 1 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    To change/fix the engine sound of a car you open the car's vehicles.meta & search for 'audioNameHash' for the car in question. Make sure it is the one for the car you want to change/fix. There is one for each car.
    Find the 'audioNameHash' line & change it to:

    <audioNameHash>*NAME OF CAR HERE*</audioNameHash>



    ^ This will give the car the dukes engine sound. Save 'vehicles.meta' & put it back in the game.

    Note: If there is no 'audioNameHash' line for the car. Just add it under the 'ptfxAssetName' line (it can go anywhere but is usually there).

    Sábado 30 de Decembro de 2017
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    It should be noted however that the 'procedural.meta' installed with this mod has a parsing/syntax error in it & should actually look like this inside the 'procedural.meta' file to be correct:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Extract the 'procedural.meta' from the .oiv with 7zip http://www.7-zip.org/download.html & change to above & save to fix it.

    Xoves 28 de Decembro de 2017
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    1&2. - Just save as 'C:your_map_name_here.xml' & you will find your map at the root of your C drive

    3. - This is a total guess as I have not tried spawning cars with Map Editor yet but it strikes me that if you were to create a new unique version of a car. 'tunedsabregt.yft' for example with it's own .ytd, handling.meta, vehicle.meta, carcols etc settings. Added flags (FLAG_EXTRAS_ALL perhaps?) to vehicles.meta so that it was always spawned fully tuned all that would be left to do would be to add that exact car to Map Editors props list via it's hash (< that bit (adding new props) I'm not sure if possible but does seem feasible). Best of luck

    Mércores 27 de Decembro de 2017
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    @futurestoryteller @Whats a Username?
    Changing '<Dynamic>true</Dynamic>' to '<Dynamic>false</Dynamic>' for pickups etc may also allow the 'failed to load' .xml map to be loaded into Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter (if you need them to spawn). You'll have to try it out & see. I haven't tested this. Just noticed it in the file.

    Domingo 24 de Decembro de 2017
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    @futurestoryteller @Whats a Username?
    I solved my "Failed to Load" error when loading a .xml into Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter by opening the .xml with Notepad/Notepad++ & removing all references to pickups & leaving only props.
    I never placed a 'pickup' but one must have snuck in somehow.
    You remove the entire reference that looks like this from '<MapObject>' to '</MapObject>':


    I left only ones of '<Type>Pickup</Type>' & it loaded fine. Obviously, this won't work as a fix if you want pickups & other dynamic things to load as & when you are near them in the game but might help those only interested in props.

    Domingo 24 de Decembro de 2017