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    @fet0r man i honestly cant figure out how the popgroups messes up with my parked vehicle so much.. it even gets police car during chases to vanish... anyone knows why?

    Sábado 17 de Setembro de 2022
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    @WolfFire23309 spoken like a proper gent

    Domingo 11 de Setembro de 2022
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    its less complicated to understand the quantum physics of space time

    Martes 6 de Setembro de 2022
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    and im still getting paid by peds for pills i dont have

    Venres 22 de Xullo de 2022
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    Whats the point in selling drugs to peds while the drug dealers across the map has the same prices as them?
    -shouldnt normal peds pay higher than dealers?
    -following that, why would i even sell to peds if the drug dealer pays me the same prices for a pack, and i can sell him the whole inventory in one hit.
    -while in an interaction menu with a ped, it doesnt let me dictate if i even want to sell the drugs to him. in case i see the ped is willing to pay 40% lower than what i bought the drug- why do i have to automatically sell it?
    -as you level up, shouldnt you get more heat from the cops? and from the rivaling gangs?

    even though this mod is impressive up until now, i think it has killer potential.

    Venres 22 de Xullo de 2022
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    Looks but how do i spawn them? With addon ped? Is it a ped replace?

    Mércores 6 de Xullo de 2022
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    @JustDancePC you're awesome and you're mods are awesome, and you're one of the most helpful members i know here- but the man just uploaded a mod he created in his own free time and he now wants to share it with us all to enjoy.. you're being a little harsh on him- if his immersion is off maybe thats the way he likes to mod, and i bet youre free to criticize his mod in a more gentle way, maybe he would oblige and maybe he wont.

    Martes 5 de Xullo de 2022
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    @ramirezdu06 bro, many body guards scripts try to implement some hiring system for immersion, maybe you should try that

    Sábado 25 de Xuño de 2022
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    I see that i can sell drug i dont have.. than it shows this value in the ini file
    PILLSBAGS = -2

    any idea why?

    Mércores 22 de Xuño de 2022
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    hey. how do i sell to random peds?

    Venres 17 de Xuño de 2022