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    @DSCADX Hello, i like your mod !!! So i play with 1.5.1 version... i want to try the new one, but i have some prob with function :
    When i ll try to ask a squad back to his vehicle, i have this message: gta.vehicle.nativeHash GTA.model.op
    And my squad move to vehicle but don’t enter it... So if i teleport it in the vehicle, i have no problème...
    The other thing, that i can’t land plane because there are no landing runway in the landing menu (i have update config file and make any change in your file) and i don’t use any addon vehicle or ped...
    For the parachute and rappel function, they look to work great (in 1.5.1 version, parachute and rappel are broken with scripthook update).
    I want to play with newer version, can you help me with My 2 probs ?
    Thanx ;-)

    Luns 16 de Novembro de 2020
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    @DSCADX hello, i like your bodyguard mod ! I notice since the last « scripthook » update, squad (not driver/pilot) exit vehicle (heli and car) with the go to waypoint order... and the rappel fonction don’t work anymore... i use the 1.5.1 version but the the same on 2.0.1
    Have you the same bug ? And so can you update it ?

    Martes 18 de Agosto de 2020
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    cabinet is smashed.) @danistheman262 Hello, there are no sounds of smashed cabinet since i have installed your casino heist. I test My game with just these 2 scripts to make sure i have any conflict with other mods (.net and .asi).
    I have all latest requirment...
    Do you have the same bug ?

    Mércores 29 de Xullo de 2020
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    @danistheman262 very good Heist ;-)
    So i note if i install your casino heist, there are no sounds of the 20 glass smach, if i delete it, sound is back...
    So why you don’t use the cutscene with gaz of the SP Heist to begin your Heist ?
    Anyway... it’s very good immersive work !

    Sábado 25 de Xullo de 2020
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    @FelixTheBlackCat Hello Felix ! So first i Want you say thank you for post your source code of your 2 biggest script (Bank robbery and meth business)
    I work on a bisiness script... and you give me the possibility to write some save data in a .dat
    Perhaps i can send you my script if you want to look at...
    So... in your bank robbery i find the way to play cutscene (re-thank ;-) )
    So, I find some fonction, i don’t find on internet... i think it’s To spawn some prop in interior but i don’t underdtand hop to use it... i am at work at the moment and can t send you the function that i din’t understand... but i will do when at home...
    Sorry for my english... i’m french... perhaps your french is better than my english ?
    Wait for a comment of you... if you want try my script... and to explain so lines you put in your script...
    Thank again for your work ;-)

    Mércores 15 de Xaneiro de 2020
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    So it work with all other vehicle (jetski, sea plane, boat and sub...) with my anchorconfig.ini. And i test it with my script folder deleted to erase the possibility of conflict mod with .net script, and i have no add on vehicle and all my vehicle are the vanilla ones :-)
    And my game is update ;-)

    Domingo 10 de Novembro de 2019
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    Hello, if use auto anchor (1 in setting to put anchor and 1 to retrieve anchor) it work... but it doesn’t if i use manuel option... anchor (0 in setting to put anchor and 0 to retrieve anchor)... If i change the Max distance despawn anchor vehicle that the same behavour :-(

    Domingo 10 de Novembro de 2019
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    @PsychoDad [Behavior]
    AutoDeployAnchorWhenLeaveVehicle = 0 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Auto anchor mode, 0 = Manual anchor mode]
    AutoRetrieveAnchorWhenGetInVehicle = 0 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Auto anchor mode, 0 = Manual anchor mode]
    AnchorAutoRemovalDistance = 0 ;[0 or 25..MAXINT][Default 2000] [0 = Disable auto removal, otherwise horizontal distance in meters between player and anchored vehicle. Minimum distance is 25m]

    AnchorKey = U ;[Key-Name][Default NONE] [Key name to assign, e.g. L for L-Key or SPACE for Space-Key. Type NONE to assign no key]

    CanAnchorBoat = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Boats can be anchored]
    CanAnchorJetski = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Jet Skis can be anchored]
    CanAnchorSub = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Submersibles can be anchored]
    CanAnchorSeaPlane = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Sea Planes can be anchored]
    CanAnchorSeaHelicopter = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Sea Helicopters can be anchored]

    AllowNotifications = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Show anchor notification when leaving vehicle]
    NotificationDuration = 3000 ;[1000..10000][Default 3000] [Duration in milliseconds]
    AllowHelpMessages = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Show help messages]
    ShowAnchoredVehiclesOnMap = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Anchored vehicles are marked on the map and minimap]
    UseShortRangeMapMarkers = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Map markers on minimap are only visible at short range]

    AllowAnchorSoundEffects = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Enable anchor sound effects]

    AllowHoldKeyToEnterSubmersible = 1 ;[0..1][Default 1] [1 = Allow teleportation into nearest anchored submersible (15m radius) when 'Enter vehicle'-Key is hold down, to fix issues with getting into submerged submersibles]

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    Domingo 10 de Novembro de 2019
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    @PsychoDad Hello, when i try to anchor the sea sparrow, but i have no anchor..., no sound and if i leave my vehicle... it move far away...
    I use manuel option to active and desactive anchor and i have no test with the auto anchor option...

    Sábado 9 de Novembro de 2019
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    @DSCADX A very very good script... with a lot of option...
    Love the parachute, diving, climb, rappel and airplane action !!!
    I have a little request...when i use auto aim function and point to my heli squad, the squad leave vehicule... Can you make it land before leave ? Or just land Heli ?
    Thank again for tour work :-)

    Venres 8 de Novembro de 2019