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    @iammistahwolf I will look into it.

    1 día
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    @jjcho849 @gunziness I wish I had more time for doing these things. It's on my list, but don't expect it anytime soon.

    6 días
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    @Banana_Split You're welcome. My github page is linked in my profile if you want to test the fix.

    8 días
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    well done

    10 días
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    @rootcause I've fixed the "Notifications not shown"-issue. Please check the pull request on github.
    @gunziness @Banana_Split

    Domingo 29 de Setembro de 2019
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    @edsoncbcampos Thanks. I don't know how to fix the sound glitch, sorry.
    @rockgbstore Thanks
    @Reyser Thank you, appreciate that
    @chocolate1_2 Just wait for the scripthook update if you've already updated your game.

    Domingo 22 de Setembro de 2019
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    @ace321 Yeah, I've already looked into this, but it's a little more compilicated to fix, so I've postponed it. From what I've seen in the game script, I can confirm that the event was supposed to respawn after a week.

    Sábado 7 de Setembro de 2019
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    I've changed my rating to 5/5, because I had so much fun with this mod and I can't thank you enough that you share your source code on github.

    Besides from fixing the saving issue, I have changed the loading of the MP interior, so that the Online interior is loaded only when entering a lab and unloaded when leaving a lab. This way I can preserve the much more detailed Storymode Interior when outside of the lab (e.g. the interior in micheals house looks much better when Online interior is disabled). Feel free to merge back if you like. I guess the interior unloading change could break things in other mods, so be careful.

    Venres 16 de Agosto de 2019
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    @rootcause I've tested the new version and it works fine. And thanks for mentioning me in the mod description :)

    Venres 16 de Agosto de 2019
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    Nice mod idea. I found two issues.
    1. You forgot to initalize all global variables in ScriptInit(). Each time a savegame is loaded, 100 additional figures will be added. If any figure is collected after that, the error is permanent because those duplicated items are written to the savegame.
    2. Progress is not saved (Retail version)
    I've forked your github repository and fixed both issues. Feel free to merge it back into your mod if you like.

    5/5 for sharing the source code

    Xoves 15 de Agosto de 2019