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  • Gtao08

    @siavash mb you made your car an addon so to not replace the gauntlet4 modkit you should give it a modkit id between 600 and 999. i used 764 and everything works fine. if you keep the id than the vanilla gauntlet4 will have no tuningparts anymore

    aproximadamente unha hora
  • Gtao08

    @siavash mb thanks for the update
    i dont know if its important but you still use the vehiclemodkit id of the vanilla gauntlet4
    and i saw the </txdRelationships> is gauntlet4 instead of gauntlet4c the same in the manifest
    the car works just wanted to let you know

    2 horas
  • Gtao08

    @avivr thats right. but be fair and contact a mod at the forum or at the 5mods discord server. actually ren already told you where you have to put your mission

    4 horas
  • Gtao08

    @avivr script category is for people who actually wrote a script
    the mission we made are support configs for a already existing script.
    ask a moderator to move your stuff to misc.

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  • Gtao08

    @Alex106 the newest version of mapfixes makes your oldgen radar not working correct anymore

    when i disable the mapfixes in the dlclist it works normal again

    1 día
  • Gtao08

    @llamaxus i had to take the oppressor because the script cant spawn helicopters or planes. the deluxo was to slow and would be destroyed before the mission is finished. did u check if all cars and peds got removed after the missions was finished? for me all the assets are not despawning after the mission.
    here is a version of simeons missions playable by everyone

    1 día
  • Gtao08

    Changes in 1.5

    reduced area of soundtriggers (music doesnt get triggered anymore if you are still 500 meters away)
    added option for music disabled in all missions (other stuff folder)
    reduced numbers of enemys even more
    added new missions
    removed adder mission because enemy ai acts stupid while trying to find you
    removed all additional wanted levels after finishing a mission (Game still gives you a wanted level if you destroy the car/kill enemys)
    you don't have to kill all enemys anymore to finish a mission. more possibilities to solve a mission
    added hundreds of cars to simeons car missions. for example if you had to destroy a beejay xl in the past, you now have to destroy one car of the categorie suv. that counts for every vehicle categorie in the game
    in every car mission i placed vehicles that you can use as getaway vehicles. when you use one, the cursor on the minimap turns black and the police cannot identify you. this is a game mechanic.
    you can also use the car, that you need to destroy, to drive away from the police. if you completly want to avoid cops you can drive it into the water.
    only franklin can start simeons missions now
    reduced accuracy of enemys
    removed every enemy blip if they dont need to be killed to finish the mission
    removed killthetargets
    moved a few missions to the optional folder
    updated stuff for missions creator
    and other changes i dont remember atm

    If you find a Bug or got some Feedback please report it here

    2 días
  • Gtao08

    @thalilmythos i made a heist with mutiple targetgroups. it works good but the assets that are loaded during the mission are not despawning after the mission is done. my guess is its because of the mutiple targetgroups because if i use just one targetgroup everything gets despawned fine.
    as you were able to fix this in the originalversion of javelin i hope you can take a look into this again. or maybe u find something in my mission that is causing this

    2 días
  • Gtao08

    @Skysder i have greenaids classic car colors installed can i install this too or am i exceeding some limit?

    2 días
  • Gtao08

    @thalilmythos hey do you know how to get around that bug that you cant spawn helicopters with the script?
    if you try to spawn it in a mission you just hear a explosion when starting the mission and all helicopters u tried to spawn are not there/despawned

    3 días