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    @Alex_Hornet This is a fantastic mod, the best materials.dat edit I've seen since Rippler's mod came out. Only one problem... as much as I love how you can shoot through cars, it seems that everything that's considered a vehicle you can shoot through. This includes armored cars, tanks, helicopters, planes, everything. This makes bulletproof windows and armor upgrades useless, which sucks. I hope you can find a balance between what vehicles bullets can go through. I'm probably asking for too much, considering this is just a small file edit. Either way, it's still a great mod.

    Xoves 4 de Abril de 2024
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    @Alex106 Is it possible to include the old GTA 5 360 loading screens? It would be a great addition to this mod!

    Xoves 4 de Abril de 2024
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    1) Thanks!
    2) That sucks, hoping you can find a way to fix this. Thanks for the response.
    3) No, both first and third-person view. I'm also not using the MP Map.

    One more thing, could you make the back door at Franklin's aunt's house usable?

    Martes 2 de Abril de 2024
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    @Alex106 Great mod, really glad you imported your interior's addition mod into this. However, would it be possible to fix these bugs and incompatibilities:
    Lights on Palms - Incompatible with NVE since it does the same thing. Also, tree models are slim, so light floats around the palm tree.
    Add-on Sounds - Same problem that Map Fixes used to have. Incompatible with V Airwaves, so addon radio stations and other sounds don't work.
    No Doors on Lester's House - Pretty sure this is a problem on my end. The back doors on Lester's house appear, instead showing no texture inside or outside the house. The front door works though. I'm using InteriorsV mod, so that might be the issue. Not sure if MP Maps have to be enabled or not.

    Luns 1 de Abril de 2024
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    @JayMontana36 Thanks so much! You just made my game so much better.

    Mércores 13 de Marzo de 2024
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    @JayMontana36 Fantastic mod! Just have one problem, I can't type the letter "P" without the Pause Menu coming up. I use TrainerV, so it makes things difficult when I have to manually type something that has the letter "P", which prevents me from spawning certain things that have the letter "P" in it. Is there any way to make this compatible?

    Domingo 10 de Marzo de 2024
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    @PermissionToLand I tried that, but it doesn't seem to work. I have Reshade installed, but even without it, it still doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? I'm running on Windows 11. Does that have something to do with it?

    Domingo 3 de Marzo de 2024
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    Great mod, but how do you get ENB to work?

    Luns 26 de Febreiro de 2024
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    @Alex106 Would it be possible to make your mods compatible with the "[V] Airwaves" mod? https://gtaforums.com/topic/991904-v-airwaves/
    It seems that your mods, specifically the ones that add sound, break this mod. It's supposed to re-add all the cut radio station songs and it works fine until I install "Map Fixes" or some of your other mods.

    Domingo 25 de Febreiro de 2024
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    Not sure why but the latest version is causing error messages for me

    Sábado 24 de Febreiro de 2024