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    @niplelickerofjustice @Skîdrow @mips Correct, it's a cool gray color that fits the Los Angeles atmosphere. This person just needs to reset their monitor and NVIDIA control panel color settings.

    @sjain Thanks but you don't need to donate. I am content with providing updates for free :)

    12 horas
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    @TheGustavGaming Don't know if that script is compatible. Check readme for instructions on enabling ENB. It's not enabled by default

    @senseiohm Restore original file into "update\update.rpf\x64\movies"

    1 día
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    @TheGustavGaming I recommend this mod for GameConfig: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-for-patch-1-0-757-2-update-at-each-r-update

    Anyway, NVR doesn't touch vehicles in anyway to cause a crash. So it's a problem with something else you installed. Could be a script or some other mod.

    @Trash_Shibe Sounds like you messed with the ENB vehicle reflection configuration. Restore it from the original NVR folder.

    1. NVR doesn't change anything to do with bullet impact or collisions
    2. I didn't develop ScriptHookVDotNet
    3. You can change screenshot format by opening the ReShade menu

    I recommend both you and @IggyWolf to do a fully clean install with nothing but ScriptHookV, OpenIV, Simple Trainer, VisualV and NVR. Run the game and make sure everything is okay. Then you can start adding your favorite scripts and mods to that install and figure out which one of them is causing the problem you're having. I actually did a clean install two days ago myself and got rid of a few vehicle / texture related issues. Feels good.

    2 días
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    @A-12T99 What kind of FX are you interested in seeing improved? I recommend this mod for amazing explosion effects: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realistic-effects-of-explosions

    @RAZ3R_BLAD3 I had the street light blinking issue too, but it was caused by VisualV's "shadows.asi" script.

    3 días
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    @serjio1969 Optional Add-Ons --> Brighter Nights

    @Eyon No it's not, I just tested it with the newest version of FiveM and everything was fine. I suggest removing ENB and make sure your addons folder doesn't have two copies of NVR in it. If you have an older addon installed then please remove it.

    @Skîdrow The dark stuff you are talking about was a bug that I fixed. If you want to bring it back then open cloudkeyframes.xml, go to OVERCASTclouds and increase all the values in the fourth row for each time under the "CloudDensityShift_Scale_ScatteringConst_Scale" section. Raise it really high to like 200.000000 or something. Next you open up the timecycle file for Overcast weather and increase all the values for sky_sun_col by a couple of digits. This will brighten up clouds in a specific area and create the dark adaptation effect when you look up.

    @Gentle_Storm There are plenty of godrays in this mod. I suggest you take a closer look during morning and afternoon times.

    @mips Thanks for helping out in the comments section. Really appreciate it.

    3 días
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    @TheGustavGaming The vehicle you are using is either corrupt or your gameconfig is not updated. Has nothing to do with this mod.

    @maxpin Kryton is a friend and I don't mind the video. He knows my full opinion about it and what I like / dislike.

    @IggyWolf The rain drop visibility becomes an issue when the drops are really thin. So, if you point the camera towards the sky, it can be really hard to see the raindrops. It's something I want to try and improve. If you are not seeing drops on the ground then there is something wrong with your game.

    @TheDivineHustle You mean the ReShade menu? Scroll-Lock on your keyboard.

    @sammyboy This has been discussed several times and it's also mentioned in the readme if you look at the FAQ section. First off only AMD users experience that bug. You can try to disable in-game MSAA off and then turn it back on to see if it fixes. Some people told me it's from their GPU overheating and the issue goes away at lower temps.

    3 días
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    @sjain Trailer is indeed awesome. The guy who made it was picked up by Rockstar themselves.

    @RAZ3R_BLAD3 Maybe you should learn how to properly install a mod. It looks exactly like those screenshots if you play in 4k or 5k. Not fully compatible with QuantV trainer.

    @nilalapitanako Hope you realize everytime you leave me the Pixar comment, it's actually a compliment. All the Pixar films are created using multiple render farms. That's why they look so great.

    7 días
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    @AxelCj The red siren is fine and tested on all vanilla cars. No one else has complained about that recently.

    @reza bagusepti It's because you are an AMD user and your video card is overheating. I think some users managed to fix this by disabling the in-game MSAA and then enabling it again.

    7 días