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    Not sure how much info you want but here goes:

    Natives are engine functions which have hashes to make them easier to update on R*'s end (among other things). The 0x... string is a hash for that particular native, and the name (in all caps) is a name given to it by the community when they reverse engineer the scripts, find a hash and follow what it does. That's why you can rename things in the natives.h file and it'll still work in-game (because the Scripthook calls the hash, not the name itself).

    When a new update comes out - all those hashes change. That maybe due to some new natives being added (most common reason) or some being edited/changed so all the hashes change as a result. This is by design.

    The issue is - these scripts which contain the hashes are 3GB+ big when decompiled so those are MASSIVE files to go through to find the hashes (thousands of lines long!). What AB (and online modders do - I'll get to that in a sec) is compare the hash from the previous update for a native to the one currently in the files. That takes an ungodly amount of time (to the point, many online modders actually BUY these hashes off each other before it's "leaked" to the public after a week). This is called a "cross hashmap" as in - it maps the original native hash (what we use) with the same hash in the new game version.

    An example of a Cross hash map would be:
    //Day 1 hash -- > current patch hash
    { 0x124354454543, 0x23453424214 }

    The first 0x is the "day 1" hash, and the second is the current hash of the same native. There's a line just like that for EVERY native (so ~800 - 1000 lines)

    The natives.h file contains the hashes of the "day 1" native - as in the hash it originally came with when it first appeared. The scripthook on the other hand, maps the original native hash (which we use in our mods) to the most recent one found in the script files (in the same way I showed above).

    This can take about a day or 2 to actually accomplish as doing it manually is impossible (he'll have a script to read the file and extract the hashes before mapping them to the hash of the previous update so he knows what hash is what). AB then has to map the current hash he's found in the script files to the older hashes so our mods can continue to work.

    Due to using the day 1 hash in the natives.h file, this is why you only have to wait for a Scripthook update when a new update drops and not a mod update as well (which would take months to do if we had to find the hashes ourselves).

    Now online modders/mods do the same thing. They use a hashmap of the "day 1" native just like the scripthook does and maps it to the native hash in the current release. That's how they can mod online (because they don't use the scripthook and go right to the hash part instead). Due to the rush to be the "first ones out" with an updated menu, many run scripts to compile an updated hashmap and sell it to others as a result (because it's bloody time consuming and difficult if you don't know what you're doing).

    Hope that'll give a little insight to why it takes AB a while to update the Scripthook.

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  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    I think it's an issue with Menyoo as I can't run it either (with and without ENT) but the last release did work fine however.

    6 días
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    @FPK Ramon
    I'm guessing the PNG is a vehicle preview image? Some of the vehicles don't have vehicle images in the game files which are able to be streamed like the others (or needed to be edited to make it work) so they're packed into ENT and "unpacked" as it were when you run ENT for the first time.

    If you've either deleted the images, or using a new version of ENT with new images in it - sometimes it can timeout trying to unpack them and just ignores them instead (otherwise your game will hang/freeze).

    You can either re-run ENT and see if it unpacks itself properly, delete the image and re-run ENT or ignore it if it isn't crashing your game etc.

    The only mod menus online are paid, and ENT won't work online anyway.

    Is your game fully up to date (1.42)? If it isn't, or you're mixing and matching different version files - ENT won't apply the anti-despawn pointer so Online vehicles will despawn.

    6 días
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    As @Slash_Alex said - you can't even take this Online so there's no risk of it affecting your Online account.

    9 días
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    You'll have to install a program called DB Browser to change feature states in ENT's DB (http://sqlitebrowser.org). Once that's installed, open the DB (to find the file press Windows key + R -> Type: %appdata% -> 'GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer' folder)

    Go to the "Browse Data" Tab and in the dropdown menu, find the ENT_FEATURE_ENABLEMENT option line. Find the line which says "featureSnow" (line 52 normally) and set it to 0 to disable it (click the "1" on the line and change it to a 0 in the little window to the right. Select "apply" to change the setting).

    After you're done, click "write changes" at the top and the Snow should be disabled.

    Mércores 14 de Marzo de 2018
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    At some point, yeah but it's quite a chunk of code to implement so it may have to be done later on when I fix up things in ENT which is bothering me (mostly cutting the codebase down in size to make it more manageable).

    Domingo 11 de Marzo de 2018
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    It seems to work for me (dropping grenades at my feet etc). Not sure why it's not working properly for you however.

    Sábado 10 de Marzo de 2018
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    That script is already in ENT, but you need to make sure your game is fully up to date to make it work (i.e has to be current version at time of release) but it does support older game versions as well, just not as well.

    With the chauffeur model stuff - I've added it to the list. Not sure about the truck + Trailer thing though. I don't think there's a native, and it would require a lot of code to make work (detect vehicle -> check type/hash -> spawn in trailer and attempt to attach it to each vehicle you see which can be very slow/prone to crashing).

    Venres 9 de Marzo de 2018
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Not sure what you mean by the MP in SP mod made by CP? Do you mean the pointer or something?

    ENT did have the DLC content in it's own subcategories but it became messy really quickly, so we went back to the old way of putting them under the proper categories instead. Bit of a pain to navigate, but a lot easier on the eyes.

    I'm still fixing some of the props (all 85k of them) and got a few things I want to sort out before I release an update.

    No idea when I'll be able to release an update time wise as I haven't had much time to actually sit down and do things in ENT at the moment.

    Xoves 8 de Marzo de 2018
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    You can rebind the keys in "ent-config.xml". Just find the relevant VK key to use (list is of VK_ keys can be found here: http://nehe.gamedev.net/article/msdn_virtualkey_codes/15009/ )

    Domingo 4 de Marzo de 2018