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  • F168d2 img 8769

    Ah, I see it pending, I appreciate that. Very precise.

    7 días
  • F168d2 img 8769

    This mod is official and something I have anticipated before, nice job with the way you programmed it to function. I have one request however. I thought this one issue was coming from the hitchhiker mod that was released but I removed it and it still takes place with the pet mod enabled. I encounter an issue where after I handle the pet, my character is stuck focusing on the vehicle no matter how far I move away. This is very distracting when engaging in combat because the focus on the vehicle distracts you any direction you want to move. If there is a way to limit the duration of this focus moment or clip this addition it will be very helpful to the fluidity of the game considering these mods enhance that alone.

    8 días
  • F168d2 img 8769

    I tried to see if the price addition would also fix the dealer not moving or beginning the transaction to give you the bag, but the the dealer still doesn’t move to your location at all.

    Xoves 10 de Novembro de 2022
  • F168d2 img 8769

    Perfectly achieved

    Luns 7 de Novembro de 2022
  • F168d2 img 8769

    Thanks for the update. I have one issue however I see another user had where the dealer doesn’t move/ The issue is with the dealer.

    Venres 4 de Novembro de 2022
  • F168d2 img 8769

    Can you add the ability to use with any ped or addon ped?

    Xoves 3 de Novembro de 2022
  • F168d2 img 8769

    Can you add the compatibility of an addon ped being able to have a bag in this mod? I have an addon character that is mp based but stand alone and I want to be able to use this without the script crashing.

    Xoves 27 de Outubro de 2022
  • F168d2 img 8769

    Can you add controller support for this and the C.H.O.S.E.N mod?

    Luns 24 de Outubro de 2022
  • F168d2 img 8769

    Can you make a version that is just for friends so we can enforce carrying your hurt friend or friends in a battle?

    Martes 20 de Setembro de 2022
  • F168d2 img 8769

    Would it be the PedDamageOverhaul.asi mod that causes conflict, (The character to stay dead)? Bc I have the mods you have listed basically as far as those that touch any meta files.

    Domingo 4 de Xullo de 2021