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    i wonder if this is legal to use by rockstar's standards, even if it uses assets created from scratch

    Martes 2 de Novembro de 2021
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    Domingo 31 de Outubro de 2021
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    Hi guys! I'm following up from my last response ten days ago, and as I promised, I am working on an update that is going to revamp this mod quite a bit.

    The next update will remove a lot of useless functions that originally were developed when the mod was made by Konjimma, and doing this will not only make it easier for me to add onto V Override in the future, but it likely will run smoother as well.

    I also have plans for the mod to override the game's original save system with a all new, custom one that will save and reload your location every time you play the game, fix spawning in the air when using custom map conversions by spawning the player in a vehicle whenever they spawn in the game if they have nowhere else to spawn in at, implement proper wallet and money use for mp models, as well as add features that will allow this to work with my custom version of the Liberty V map that I have been tinkering with.

    Expect a release when it's ready, and you can join my discord using this link if you want to keep connected! Cheers!

    Venres 29 de Outubro de 2021
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    Heyy guys, I'm sorry for the lack of updates and stuff. I've been going through a lotta issues in life regarding some personal choice and things with my family, but I'm working on restructuring the mod so it will be more compatible with other mods.

    Expect an update at some point soon. I do not know exactly when, as I am terrible with timing, but I promise you guys I'll deliver what I put out.

    Martes 19 de Outubro de 2021
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    @Bet Nimrod I understand, I'm gonna come back see what can be fixed.

    Martes 19 de Outubro de 2021
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    @Bet Nimrod Alright, and I'm likely gonna work on removing excess from the mod and possibly restructuring it's code, so we'll see.

    Martes 19 de Outubro de 2021
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    @Bet Nimrod so dont kill scripts means it will allow the storyline to play, and i cant remember what kill gta v scripts only does.

    Venres 15 de Outubro de 2021
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    @Bet Nimrod oooh, I haven't updated this in a while, I'm sorry for ignoring you I've been busy with my personal life and stuff.

    Xoves 14 de Outubro de 2021
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    can i use the code for this if possible to make a map looping type of script for map expansions?

    Xoves 16 de Setembro de 2021
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    I love it! Keep up the amazing work @SilverFinish!

    Sábado 11 de Setembro de 2021