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    @85pphoenix You can either edit the popgroups.ymt to remove

    <Item><Name>pbus</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item>

    Or just remove VEH_CopCar4 from the popcycle.dat to get rid of the bus.

    The jb700 is in the popgroup.ymt as VEH_Classic and VEH_High you should be able to easily find and remove it just by searching for jb700.

    Sábado 9 de Xaneiro de 2016
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    @Cyron43 No apology necessary. To be honest until you mentioned my name I had no clue it had been derailed and since you're providing people with information that I did not know and don't have the time to check into myself it's all good.

    Mércores 6 de Xaneiro de 2016
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    @woots It doesn't change the amount of traffic. Just what's in the traffic.

    Venres 1 de Xaneiro de 2016
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    @Cyron43 If I remember correctly the 05 is the number of cars out of the number of cars in your view that will be from that group. So say you have 100 cars that you can actually see, 5 out of that 100 should be from the DLC_Criminal group. Of course, this will very based on your traffic settings and system specs.

    Mércores 23 de Decembro de 2015
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    @Cyron43 I'll look into the police spawning point thing. As far as the nightshade the DLC cars are set to 05 in the popcycle.dat. You can try changing that to a larger value in Notepad++ It might just be a case of there's far too many choices that can spawn and it makes it very rare.

    Martes 22 de Decembro de 2015
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    @Cyron43 Yeah I actually have had it done for awhile now. Just haven't had a chance to upload it.

    Martes 22 de Decembro de 2015
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    @hermes_cati It's the Xbox file saved as a ymt. Unfortunately, there's no way to open the PC files yet as far as I'm aware. There's a step by step here http://gtaforums.com/topic/798577-how-to-edit-most-ymt-files-right-now/

    Mércores 14 de Outubro de 2015
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    Nice way to get thru that stupid wear the robes for 10 days thing. Kifflom.

    Venres 11 de Setembro de 2015
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    @maxpin As far as I know it should work fine because really in order to edit ymt we actually have to use a copy of the Xbox 360 copy of the files until someone decrypts the PC ones. So using an outdated popgroups.ymt works it just wouldn't have any changes Rockstar made to that file but since we can't see what's in the file to begin with, there's no telling what they have in there. The other files you just won't see any changes they've made since the update they were built on.

    Martes 11 de Agosto de 2015
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    @WCP Wouldn't that also change other settings for anyone downloading that file? Although I have noticed a <Probability value="1.000000" /> in vehiclemodelsets.meta so I'd imagine changing that would increase the chances of rare vehicles spawning like @soner905 was asking about. When I get back modding I'll have to look into that and see what I can get it to do.

    Luns 10 de Agosto de 2015