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  • C4197e lupus inc

    @Jitnaught yeah, never mind my apologies

    Xoves 15 de Marzo de 2018
  • C4197e lupus inc
  • C4197e lupus inc

    @Jitnaught your extreme defensive attitude...to me religion, no matter the name, form or shape is at the bottom of the barrel of filth in this world, the weapon to start many wars and misery..should be banned from the internet..and this planet..religion is mind control.

    Martes 13 de Marzo de 2018
  • C4197e lupus inc

    @jitnaught Religion does not belong in a game and traditionally, muslims always want to throw islam in your face and are insulted when you critisize islam. You are one spineless person, or a muslim yourself.

    Luns 12 de Marzo de 2018
  • C4197e lupus inc

    @IAmJFry Love it...been waiting a long time for something like this :)
    Thanks for the info and good luck :)

    Sábado 9 de Decembro de 2017
  • C4197e lupus inc

    Great stuff! Is it possible to have the option to keep the slomotion effect when you die?

    Venres 8 de Decembro de 2017
  • C4197e lupus inc

    @jedijosh920 AWESOME work :)
    Is it possible to create a sub in the .cfg files to let the script decide what weapons do partial dismemberment (heads / limbs) and what weapons actually also split peds in half?
    That way you can put more weapons to use like the pistol .50, blow a head off or an arm but not splitting a ped in half.

    Xoves 13 de Xullo de 2017
  • C4197e lupus inc

    @ldneng Nice! Can you change the LA signs on the jackets and caps to LS signs? After all, we`re in Los Santos ;)

    Venres 30 de Xuño de 2017
  • C4197e lupus inc

    @SkylineGTRFreak BTW what i did notice...in the vehicles.meta...incorrect interior info...not pointing to the humvee`s but to jets, etc.

    Martes 13 de Xuño de 2017
  • C4197e lupus inc

    @SkylineGTRFreak Hey, beautiful vehicles, as always!
    Problem, though, I`ve added your m939, m977L and T to spawn in regular traffic (freeway_countryside and Countryside). However, when I add any of the versions of the humvee`s, they wont spawn.
    Strange thing is, i can get them to spawn with a trainer and I can also add the unarm and unarmwl version to the dispatch service but thats about it.
    I also had your older humvee versions replace the insurgents, no problem. After that I decided to make them custom addons with insurgent scripts (named humvee and humvee_50cal), also no problem. Then I did nothing more tan replace the humvee with the hmmwv, renaming it to humvee, no spawning. I`m lost.

    Martes 13 de Xuño de 2017