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    @gentlejoey123458 Chop Shop moves some files around, most weapon models are now in the update.rpf archive, for some reason. This one in particular is located in "Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mplowrider2\x64\models\cdimages\weapons.rpf"

    Mércores 10 de Xaneiro de 2024
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    Hey, great job maintaining these, I love the dedication. There is one issue with the vanilla game I've had, wonder if it can be fixed with this mod. The Big One, Obvious Approach has you drilling a hole into the UD and during the escape if you go down the tunnel the hole is covered, is it possible for the hole to remain open for the duration of the heist?

    Martes 31 de Xaneiro de 2023
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    The mod is fantastic but the Nightclub intro (club_intro) cutscene is missing and the Black Madonna one (bmad_intro) is incorrectly labeled as the Nightclub intro.

    Luns 5 de Decembro de 2022
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    @gentlejoey123458 I always thought the MG was supposed to be the PKM and the stock fits well. I wouldn't put a western-made stock on it, I think it looks fine the way it is.
    @TrustNo1 Thanks! Yeah, I look forward to when people have lore-friendly weapons with tint support over irl weapons.
    @-EcLiPsE- I took the lazy way and replaced both w_ar_assaultrifle_smg and _hi with one model so maybe that's the issue, I'll look into it, if it works I'll update it.

    Domingo 13 de Novembro de 2022
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    @CallieKills Well the whole reason I did it as a replace is for it to appear in the R* Editor for Online clips

    Venres 4 de Novembro de 2022
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    Hey, I noticed a problem with some of the cutscenes, the Short Trips ones with Franklin and Lamar, Lamar's car and the van don't show accurate color while Franklin's Bagger is always green. Is it possible to check that and show appropriate resprays? Thank you for your continued work on this.

    Domingo 7 de Agosto de 2022
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    oh sweet, they came out fantastic. I can't wait to try them out!

    Venres 29 de Xullo de 2022
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    Okay yeah Simple Trainer combined with this work. It's quite strange that Motomimi is the only one that does this.

    Mércores 29 de Xuño de 2022
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    Cannot hide Motomami LS even though it's set to "true" in the settings. Can you look into it? Great mod otherwise.

    Mércores 22 de Xuño de 2022
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    @GekkoLilly Thank you for the kind words. Yeah, feel free to retexture them, I just used the original texture variants from Max Payne 3.

    Domingo 29 de Maio de 2022