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  • Starlet

    I just have a question regarding the time circuits display, so ingame the numbers shows correctly but when I use the rockstar editor the time circuits display numbers doesn't show at all, and I have seen videos of the time circuits display showing correctly on camera, any idea why this might be happening and how can I fix this issue, great mod love this mod so so much.

    Venres 29 de Xaneiro de 2021
  • Starlet

    I have a problem I can't tune my car. There is no tune options in any of my trainers menyoo or simple trainer.
    when I go into bennies tune options in menyoo it only says interior color and dash color. I have the latest version of everything menyoo, scripthook v, any idea why this is happening thanks mate

    Xoves 15 de Agosto de 2019
  • Starlet

    Amazing mod bro one of my fav cars👌

    Xoves 30 de Maio de 2019
  • Starlet

    Wow this is really an awesome map thanks and the other day I actually wanted someone to make a route 66 map and lo and behold. Keep up the awesome work man!

    Mércores 20 de Marzo de 2019
  • Starlet

    I have a question I followed all the instructions like in your video but when I want to spawn my car nothing spawns any idea why this happens thanks

    Xoves 1 de Novembro de 2018
  • Starlet

    Whenever I jump into the water my games crashes or even when i reload my gun it crashes

    Venres 8 de Decembro de 2017