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  • Gtao63

    @aimless It's so good to see the old modding masters back in the action. :)
    As Always, and just like your other mods, this mod is great as well. (:
    Happy to see you back my friend.

    Luns 16 de Xullo de 2018
  • Gtao63

    @harshil Ah, that's nice. I guess, we all need a point of an Inspiration. :) Besides, I am glad, my work triggered you making your own version of driver. About some of my mods not working, well, I am sorry, since, yeah, I got people complaining about it, but I really don't have enough time to fix them. But I will fix them for sure, when I will have some spare time in hand. :)
    About joining in a group, sure thing, add me on Skype, my username is ashishcw.

    Though, I don't mod so actively now a days, but I can surely help you out if you need any assistance. (:
    Besides, I had couple of mods, I made for myself and never released them, but if you wish to take, extend it, and make it available for public.

    Sábado 8 de Xullo de 2017
  • Gtao63

    @harshil Its good to see, more modders from my country. :) Good work bro.

    P.S. I made a similar type of mod, back in the days, Similar to it. A menu to let you select the Vehicle Type, Select the Ped as driver, with 5-6 driving types, and multiple speed Variations. I never released it though.

    I still may have the code somewhere, Let me know if you want it. 5/5 just for the efforts, cause I know it takes a-lot of time to make mods.

    Venres 7 de Xullo de 2017
  • Gtao63

    @shametal Looking good.

    Mércores 10 de Maio de 2017
  • Gtao63

    @Eddlm Brilliant...10/10

    Mércores 10 de Maio de 2017
  • Gtao63

    Simple yet impressive. Nice work.

    Xoves 27 de Abril de 2017
  • Gtao63

    @CamxxCore This guy never fails to inspire me more. :D
    Brilliantly done. 10/10

    Xoves 27 de Abril de 2017
  • Gtao63

    @LOLKING10001_PL So, I think you will call this one as stolen, huh?

    @harshil Logged in just to rate and comment this mod, Brilliant work there being your first script mod. Don't pay attention to false comments, focus on coding and improvising yourself. Good work out there.

    Here are couple of crazy ideas, in case if you are thinking to improvise this mod in future,
    1) How about making a round based system fight club, so something like, as soon as the first round gets over, player receives few experience points, which he could use to extend his abilities, something like improved health, after level 2-3 he get's Armour as well. And not to forget as the player will proceed in winning the round, then opponent gets more tough to win over. You could try messing with NPCs health.

    2) As player will go on winning the rounds, further rounds will be either handicap match or Tag a partner match, something like WWE, you can define the attributes, something like, a fence, and define vector 3 Position for player's tagging partner outside the fence/cage and later give it a logic, whenever player's position to that mark is <= 2f, pop up window to Tag a partner, when the tag is done(Just set one flag here), if the flag turns true, that outside NCP will come in the ring and update Opponent and new NPC relationship group here, set their relation as HATE. So they will fight with each other, while your character goes out

    I have couple of more too, but am unsure if you are willing to do, anyways, great mod.

    P.S. To distribute the skill/attribute type points, try using Native UI menu system, it has many classes, which will help you display, menu on screen, or try making your own menu system, where you may need to define the menu position and color, alpha to it, but it's great thing to learn about.

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    Domingo 23 de Abril de 2017
  • Gtao63

    @TheMadBreaker Well, every time I see a Team work, it just amazes me. Cause that's very less often I see around here in modding section, where all are making an individual run to the finish. :D

    Anyways, now to the mod, it's so far, brilliantly made and executed, be that Model, or script . It just amazing.
    So great work there all 3 of you @Sollaholla @Spud @TheMadBreaker

    Thank you for bringing this to the community. 10/10

    Venres 21 de Abril de 2017
  • Gtao63

    @jedijosh920 Logged in just to comment on this. Amazing work there bro. Just brilliant. :) 10/10

    BTW, asking this out of curiosity, did you stop/slowed down working on any GTA V mods lately? Cause Seeing you back in the action with this mod, after a quite while now. Anyways, good-luck.

    Xoves 20 de Abril de 2017