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    Hey, I got the egs version and just found this. Is there any tutorial of how to use this?

    Venres 19 de Xuño de 2020
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    @Flava0ne my save doesnt have the beast unlocked

    Mércores 10 de Xuño de 2020
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    @pongo1231 i'm running epic games store normal gta V, the game doesn't crash with controller when the mod is not running

    Martes 9 de Xuño de 2020
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    Hey, thanks for the reply. I disabled random vehicle and it still crashed. I found the cause of the crash though, it was from the Xbox controller I had connected. Also nothing car or ped related works. Is there a fix for this?

    Luns 8 de Xuño de 2020
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    hey, my computer crashes on some effects, and I don't know what they are as they don't come up before crashing. my specs are a i5 7th gen, 1050 ti with 8gb ram. what should I turn down in order for my PC to be able to handle it? my PC can take fivem and gta fine, just chaos mod crashes.

    Domingo 7 de Xuño de 2020