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    @lucasvinbr Please disable it then, it sucks.. Imo watch your death mod is a must for this mod to get the most out of it, as for the unusable money with custom ped - characterswap mod fixes the issue. Just disable this armor thing please and I can just play as peds all day

    Mércores 28 de Agosto de 2019
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    I have the same problem when I press F to get in a car my game crashes with manual transmission support, using latest versions of everything
    [22:23:34.085] LeFixSpeedo v1.3.7
    [22:23:34.085] Game version 50
    [22:23:34.090] Handling Offset: 0x918
    [22:23:34.107] RPM Offset: 0x8B0
    [22:23:34.125] Fuel Level Offset: 0x834
    [22:23:34.150] Current Gear Offset: 0x872
    [22:23:34.153] Top Gear Offset: 0x876
    [22:23:34.171] Throttle Offset: 0x8C0
    [22:23:34.187] Handbrake Offset: 0x9A4
    [22:23:34.219] Setting up Manual Transmission compatibility
    [22:23:34.222] Found function [MT_GetVersion]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_IsActive]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_SetActive]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_NeutralGear]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_GetShiftMode]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_SetShiftMode]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_GetShiftIndicator]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_AddIgnoreVehicle]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_DelIgnoreVehicle]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_ClearIgnoredVehicles]
    [22:23:34.225] Found function [MT_NumIgnoredVehicles]
    [22:23:34.226] Found function [MT_GetIgnoredVehicles]
    [22:23:34.226] Found function [MT_GetManagedVehicle]
    [22:23:34.226] Found function [MT_LookingLeft]
    [22:23:34.226] Found function [MT_LookingRight]
    [22:23:34.226] Found function [MT_LookingBack]

    Martes 27 de Agosto de 2019
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    And this half armor bar that I get every time I go into mind control I can take like 5 headshots with it how to disable this thing it is annoying

    Martes 27 de Agosto de 2019
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    Also every time I press J or space to go in mind control I have armor on them, I don't want to have armor at all how to disable it ? I tried tuning all possible armor options in settings nothing helps

    Martes 27 de Agosto de 2019
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    @lucasvinbr Appreciate your response, What I mean is that there is no point in it since while you mind control and your protagonist dies you lose the war again and HE WILL die even when I set him on some roof pretty far away.. You should really add watch your death mod compatibility imo to make the war more dynamic and realistic. I want the war to be lost when all of my members are dead not when the protagonist is. So even if I choose to mind control a gang member of mine and my protagonist dies during it I can keep mind controlling other AI gang members without interference.

    Maybe add some more behaviour options for gangs, like some gangs are defensive and some are agressive, because like in real life some gangs are more dangerous than others.. Add that some gangs will flee away from the fight if left in unfavorable postion like only a few left and they know its lost they run away for their lives..

    Gang members dynamic count maybe with numbers so you know how many members in each gang at least aprox number, overally make the whole thing much more realistic.

    Also I would really like an option to modify min/max gang members on a territory, for like small/medium/big attacks, because 200vs200 wars are unreaslitic and too long.. A gang shootout is pew pew and all over if you know what I mean.. Maybe even more random counts, together with member pool count will be nice, when a member of yours die he is gone from the pool number, you have 50 members, attacked with 20 members, 7 died you are left with 43 members in your gang, that and make members actually cost money to recruit, will make it more challenging as well..

    Make in mod currency also instead of using the in game cash because when I use custom skins I can't use my characters money for some reason =\ Maybe it is because I change hash with characterswap mod not sure.

    Another suggestion which would help a ton is zone colors like in GTA SA, visible on the map, so you will know exactly the where are the borders of the territory..

    Another thing that will help is enable/disable some of the upgrades, for example I don't want the health upgrade option, I want everyone to have their default healths, since edited health messes up with mods like GSW and not realistic for the combat anyway when a person survives more than he should.

    Option for difficulty also nice, maybe there is mod about it that I don't know, I know there is for cops, but I want the AI to be insane and insta kill me lol so it is actually hard :)

    I have so many ideas really that could add a lot to this mod but sadly I don't know shit in coding and probably there are some stuff you can't add but anything helps, thank you again for this awesome mod :)

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    Martes 27 de Agosto de 2019
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    Please make so more in depth explanation about each settings setup

    Luns 26 de Agosto de 2019
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    Sadly crashes no matter what I tried doing, longest it lasted before crashing was a few minutes :(

    Luns 26 de Agosto de 2019
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    Domingo 25 de Agosto de 2019
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    Couldn't get it to work like I wanted to, it is very buggy and it broke my health system completely, was unable fix it no matter what I tried.. Not worth it, avoid at all costs

    Domingo 25 de Agosto de 2019
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    Hi, what will happen if I install this mod together with "Gang and Turf Mod" by lucasvinbr ?

    Sábado 24 de Agosto de 2019