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    everything work fine at the moment if you have the correct script hook on script hook site and the gameconfig you need :)

    95% of all mods work like charme, just try it and take a noobily look at your files where you did some problems or mistakes.

    43 minuto
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    @gtacool perfect car ... most of your cars have some bugs and not all is fine ... but here it seems like interieur and exterieur works perfect, just license plates are missing....
    5/5 for this perfect mod

    19 horas
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    got a crash, too
    some files are wrong programmed in general, not only in meta, cause meta will just give you crash in game.

    and if there would be some dlc problem of a dlclist the game would crash by starting.

    but it crashes when you start single player, so there is some problem inside this add-on file

    if the problem get fixed, i will rate it, but at the moment i cant give a good rating when it is not working any more

    21 horas
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    There is a better model same version like this here for download at the moment without that problems
    If you fix all the bugs, you get 5/5

    I don't have to tell you all the bugs ? or shall i list them ? are at least 19 to fix.

    22 horas
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    i got it to spawn
    guys you have to change everything into

    then take a look on the meta files and change there, too
    also change setups the carcols and vehiclelayouts out cause there is none .. and fix the main problems

    if everything is izh ... go dlclist and do izh ...

    then you can spawn the bike by izh

    following problems you should fix on your mod:
    - dials not work and bad quality
    - dashboardlight / cockpitlights not work
    - handling is terrible
    - front and backcorona pls fix them and make your lights working without corona. you just have corona what are when you use coronabegone or some natural remastered away like you cant see lights :/

    8 días
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    even with the 85mb update today it works fine ... by waiting at the loading screen i took a look here what you all are writing and if maybe it not work any more ... but i am inside ... mod cars also work ... it was a 85mb update of gta5 launcher update, what don't make problem for the script hook or the mods :)

    thanks gta5 ... first update without any crash of the game now .... hope this can go on in future like that ...
    (but it will not .. cause addint new cars or weapons and tshirts in gta5 online will be a crash then^^)

    god .. lets have 4-5 weeks no update any more and we have lot of fun here :)

    8 días
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    doesn't have to be the ai in the eg6 ;) if you have some other dlcs it can be lots of ai who can do that problem :D for me i have thousand ++ installed :D

    just let us know if you know any other way to fix problem

    9 días
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    pls fix your rightwheeler side ... you can fix this in the meta files.

    - dials same or just fix it together with your software and meta
    - reversinglights when you drive back, i guess there is already a white spot in the middle of the backlights, can you see it ? so its easier then just put some coronas there :) for reversinglights driving backwards

    9 días
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    for example just change <audioNameHash>Flatbed</audioNameHash> in vehicle meta :)
    for example just change
    <fMass value="3500.000000" />
    <fDriveInertia value="0.800000" />
    <fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value="106.060000" />
    <vecCentreOfMassOffset x="0.000000" y="0.080000" z="-0.200000" />

    These changes will give the car
    - a sound what should be like this
    - more mass, cause 2400 kg for this car was too less now its 3500kg
    - the original max speed it had of 140kmh or lets say 106mph
    - fixed the problems that the car always somersault in the offsets :D :D ;)

    if you fix those numbers, the car will work like sharm

    @maxdag fix this in your files and you get a 5/5 rating cause everything nicely done then

    (p.s. handling still not 100% perfectly done, actually you can change some other handling statistics, too ... but i think, we play a game here so the suspections should be perfect for most people if it is like this, it comes very close to the real one)

    9 días
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    @00AbOlFaZl00 modder sorry i forgot to rate your car ...
    here it is now

    really nice car but
    1. fix the dials
    2. fix the cockpitlights / dashboardlights
    3. fix the reversing lights when you drive backwards cause there are none appearing

    if you fix those 3 things, your car is a 5/5

    9 días