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    Can you please add option to disable minimap markers/dots?
    It is kinda more "realistic" if enemy doesn't have pinpoint magic radar and must search and see/hear my character to know where it is why should I be able to see exact location of them?
    Thnx for mod.

    Sábado 3 de Febreiro de 2024
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    Can you add something like user configurable option in .ini for offices and delivery points:

    office=1 x, y, z (post office number 1)
    deliverypoint=1 x, y, z (possible delivery points for office=1 )
    deliverypoint=2 x, y, z
    deliverypoint=3 x, y, z

    office=2 x, y, z (post office number 1)
    deliverypoint=4 x, y, z (possible delivery points for office=2 )
    deliverypoint=5 x, y, z
    deliverypoint=6 x, y, z

    office=3 x, y, z (post office number 3)
    deliverypoint=7 x, y, z (possible delivery points for office=3 )
    deliverypoint=8 x, y, z


    Martes 30 de Xaneiro de 2024
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    @CruelMasterMC @azzman_01
    you can have crouch and move crouched but in my experience so far(tried all the mods and combinations) you don't enter stealth mode(you move crouched but still make noise)

    Martes 23 de Xaneiro de 2024
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    Planting and then harvesting few seconds later is kinda too short for my taste.
    Can you please include option in .ini like:
    TimeToGrow=xxxxx minutes


    Mércores 17 de Xaneiro de 2024
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    Looks good. Thank you for the mod.

    Can I ask for option to be able to buy all weapons, not just mk2?
    Also can you add .ini option for dealer's location (even better multiple dealers) coordinates to be customized?

    Reason I'm asking is vanilla ammunation weapon prices makes absolutely no sense (useless SNS pistol costing almost 10x more than pistol) when using "realism" mods where you loose all weapons/money on arrest/death and money is not thrown at you every "few seconds" for just existing.
    Also up to this day I haven't been able to find file where weapon prices are stored... soo I'm looking for some alternatives to ammunation.

    Domingo 3 de Decembro de 2023
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    Pier 400 (at elysium island, docks area) has 2 sets of entrances but gates won't open/slide when approached. Can you make them work?

    Also, may I suggest adding option/s for alternative "interiors" for those that have it.
    For example Trevor house with all the trash inside, O'neill redneck house before it was burned..

    Thank you.

    Domingo 26 de Novembro de 2023
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    Great mod, especially cause of .ini options.

    Can you please add option/s for custom keybinds.
    I'm using pickups mod (and lot of others, so lot of keybind conflicts) and pickups mod disables previous-next weapon key/function while on foot so I can use this mod only when in car.

    Also can you add option to lose all items when you die.

    Mércores 8 de Novembro de 2023
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    Thanx, works great now.

    Domingo 15 de Outubro de 2023
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    Works great, thanx for mod.
    But can't figure what does it point to? > Nearby Postal:54 (54 is "closest" I could get)

    Option to display vehicle body and engine health/damage (when in vehicle).
    Option to disable display of time/clock.

    Luns 9 de Outubro de 2023
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    line 90> ; Vehicle flip button hold duration in milliseconds (Default is 10 seconds). << "miliseconds" form earlier version?
    line 91>VehicleFlipHoldDuration = 10

    -And wanted to let you know it has interesting "synergy" with Repair at home mod.
    There is little skill minigame that I can play with yours and Repair at home, RAH
    in CARA I set repair to 10 minutes (and it will take 10 min no matter the damage).
    in RAH I set full repair 20 minutes (but it depends on damage amount, small scratches=short repair).

    So, when I see a damaged car I use my judgement which method will be faster CARA or RAH. With CARA I know it will always take 10 minutes, but maybe I could save few minutes with RAH (or it may last much longer if I misjudge)
    Something like in real life. Should I dismantle entire car (take longer time) and see all broken parts or just quickly pull out and replace/repair the ones I see broken but then I found there is something else broken too and now I need to search for it and take time..

    -I would ask if you are willing to add option to be able to repair body only(not engine) so I can make it even more interesting/complicated (with mod form HKH which only repairs engine).

    Venres 6 de Outubro de 2023