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  • Tracey

    Could you make the suspension more stiff ?
    every bump I hit the tires go through the fender line as if you could see the tire popping out.
    I have seen other Addon cars and their mod car suspensions are very stiff.
    anyway, your car mod is AWESOME

    Venres 10 de Marzo de 2017
  • Tracey

    xxxtract to desktop (DONE THAT...)
    SEARCH FOR elegy2 (DONE THAT...)
    crashed, your mod is a failed and i am done

    sorry crashed
    this is a failed

    Domingo 12 de Febreiro de 2017
  • Tracey

    @Abhi123 where you had the file installed ? mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/handing.meta ?

    Martes 7 de Febreiro de 2017
  • Tracey

    @Abhi123 , I have your file installed via using OPEN IV, mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/handling.meta (THIS DID NOT WORK...) the game crashed. I also installed vehicle.meta, crashed....


    Sábado 4 de Febreiro de 2017
  • Tracey

    hmmmmm... this is not working for me.
    after removing the file dlc.rpf the game is back to normal.
    this is how i have my file installed:
    created m4f82 to MODS\update\x64\dlcpack & installed the dlc.rpt.....
    add <Item>dlcacks:\m4f82\<Item> to Mod\update\update.rpf\common\data
    and did the other file too (ALL WAS INSTALLED IN THE MOD file.
    >>Launched the game and crashed<<
    Removed the dlcpacks file m4f82 and all is normal.
    not sure what went wrong....

    Domingo 18 de Decembro de 2016
  • Tracey

    this is the best GTR mod out..
    how do I paint the car in one color and disable the numbers and stickers....

    Domingo 18 de Decembro de 2016
  • Tracey

    I am having a problem as well too, after updated to version 877 and also updated my scripthookV.dll the game still crash during first screen......

    Sábado 29 de Outubro de 2016
  • Tracey

    could anyone help me ?
    the patch updated to 877.1 ( i think..) i updated my scripthookv.dll and game still crash ? any info ? what else am I missing

    thank you

    Sábado 29 de Outubro de 2016
  • Tracey

    this will be very nice if you could set the car to drive very stiff so all wheels wont bounce up and hit through the fenders. When driving at slow speed the car is nice but in super fast turbo driving over little bumps or curbs! all wheels go through the fenders, I like it to be more stiff.
    car is nice though. I tell my friends "I CANNOT AFFORD A $125,000 GTR BUT IN GTA V, I CAN...."

    Xoves 8 de Setembro de 2016
  • Tracey

    the car is nice, i love gtr
    I have one big problem, not sure if from my end or what ever it is.
    all male characters head are/is sticking out of the top ! its funny cause i can see their top hair on top of the car, lol.
    seems to only work fine with small female characters
    anyone with the same issue, please give a shout..

    Martes 17 de Maio de 2016