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    @IAmJFry Hi. I like this mod (see what happens around once I die, choose whether I respawn where I died or at the place chosen by the default game). However, the health bar does not work properly with this mod. I tested with and without your mod. I found differences in the amount of life points thanks to a trainer that allows to see the current and maximum possible level of life: when you are full, you have 200 points without your mod with a maximum possible life of 200; you have 2,000 points (= 2000) with your mod with a maximum possible of 2,000 points. I think it's coming from here. If you could fix the level of life (current and maximum possible) that your mod affects to the game in your program, I think the life bar should work again. I hope this will help. Good luck. Thank you for your future fixed version of your excellent mod.

    Xoves 25 de Abril de 2019
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    @TheVinch. Thank you very much for your excellent mod. Everything works except when I made a flight and I want to land. Indeed, the rear wheels land well on the ground but not the front wheel. Thank you if you can fix that. Otherwise, is it normal for black paint to have green effects? I would have liked to be able to exit and to enter the missile launcher under the helicopter (maybe you could assign it as the vehicle's trunk door?). Good luck and thank you if you can send us an update. :)

    Luns 11 de Marzo de 2019