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    @WGotch07 You release an update for this map almost every day, but you've not put a screenshot showing it's location in the map 'till now.

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    @HKH191 Thanks buddy!
    And have a great and deeply blessed new year "you and all your home"!

    Xoves 30 de Decembro de 2021
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    @HKH191 ¿What's new on this latest updade 6.0?
    ¿¿¿Where are the logs???

    Xoves 30 de Decembro de 2021
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    @RsMods I wish you a happy holiday too, and thank you again to turn this exclusive job free to us!
    It's being a true Christmas gift for everyone who likes different things on the game.
    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

    Xoves 23 de Decembro de 2021
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    Dude, you've surpreended to me, and i believe that also the GTA's Community with this great and amazing public release.
    I've already seen to this boat over right there on your patreon's exclusive mods, and now here at GTA5 Mods page. But what's went with you for turning an exclusive mod in a public mod?
    Don't matter!
    If you decided to publish it, it's because there's more people supporting you financially, i really hope.
    I'm very satisfied with my mods that i've bought from you, becoming a patreon of your profile.
    Your job actualy deserves more financial support from more people that likes your job.
    God bless you my friend!
    Have a great day.

    Mércores 22 de Decembro de 2021
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    @BigShaqNOKetchup You've done a so amazing job by crating this pretty beautiful penthouse. But how about, if would you create something else so pretty just like that, but over the water!
    I am talking about a float apartment, or almost that. You creates so many luxury mansions for the game, i believe you can create a luxury yacht. Not a movable yacht, but a static yacht, just like the GTA's yacht, but something new, with diferente interior, lights, deckspace, and everything else.
    Think about that!

    Martes 24 de Agosto de 2021
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    @xxxelis and people at here...
    The creator has pinned a comment above where he says he's too bussy right now, but he maybe will update it in the middle or late of august.
    So all that we have to now, is wait only.
    I'm fully sure he'll update it, 'till because the "Grand Theft Space" mod needs this mod to work fully.
    So, let's be patient and wait.

    Sábado 7 de Agosto de 2021
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    @The-UnXplained Thank you for your help, buddy! I'll keep this link saved to help anyone that I'll see at here by looking for some update for this mod. Nor everyone will get lucky to read that. So, when someone coming here looking for any update, I'll be here to support him/her. Thank you again! For a discontinued and forsaken mod by its creator, there's always a good samaritane's to use his knowledge to try to keep it still alive.

    Luns 26 de Xullo de 2021
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    @Erwin_Nemets We just can hope for a good samaritane's good action which has downloaded the source code to update it. Because it's creator has discontinued its updates permanently. Unfortunatelly, Menyoo is a forsaken and dead mod for its creator.

    Sábado 24 de Xullo de 2021
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    @RsMods Yeah, i was using my vehicle control, and playing with that bus still now.
    Man, the speakers of the bus, are on the extra function, by accessing with Menyoo.
    I've deleted all speakers to test if i'd decrease the volume, but it keeped itself high.
    What do i mean about this?
    Look to study the metadata from that bus, cuz the secret of a high external sound, is not at the speakers. The speakers on that bus, are only. i don't know what word do i must to use about the speakers, but i know you understand what do i mean.
    The speakers are just a complementary content on that vehicle, because i believe that it's secret for external speakers settings, are within the it's metadata.

    Xoves 22 de Xullo de 2021