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  • Heists2

    Just spotted a bug in the Humane Labs heist with some of the voice lines triggering at the wrong time and the last cutscene ped sometimes not spawning. Should hopefully be fixed in 2.5.2

    12 horas
  • Heists2

    I have just released a small update, version 2.5.1. This update contains:

    *A fix for the Humane Labs heist where the mask would stay on the player after completing the heist,
    *Changes to the menu layout, player options are now under a sub menu - here you can equip your mask, change gestures and facial expressions,
    *Added rebreather mask to the player options menu - when equipped you'll be given a mask that you can use to breath underwater.

    13 horas
  • Heists2

    @ZamanYolcusu Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

    @llamaxus Ahh yeah I've had other people report that problem as well, it's got something to do with the way NativeUI stuff is handled. I'm still currently working through cleaning up this mod and improving it so when I get around to it I'll install the new phone missions mod and find out what's causing problems in mine.

    13 horas
  • Heists2

    @Burned Man I’ll take a look in to it and see if I can encounter the problem on mine. Does this happen on other approaches or just the Gruppe Sechs approach?

    @MartialAncestor Have made some updates since then so I’m gonna re upload a new video soon showing off both of the new heists

    23 horas
  • Heists2

    I have just released an update, version 2.5. This update features:

    The Humane Labs Raid - complete with voice lines, cutscenes, audio, setup missions and a finale.
    You will have to complete the same setup missions and finale as online,
    *Go to the meeting and get the access codes,
    *Steal the Insurgent from the Merryweather testing site,
    *Steal the EMP from the aircraft carrier,
    *Steal the Valkyire from the Merryweather base,
    *Drive the Insurgent carrying the EMP and park it at Humane Labs,
    *Meet up with the pilot in the Valkyire - he will fly you over Humane Labs at night.
    As you skydive to Humane Labs, your crew will trigger the EMP and the pilot will land on the beach. Enable your night vision and fight through the guards to the lab. Steal the data and proceed to the tunnels underwater. Swim through, meet your pilot at the beach and he will fly you to the drop off point.

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  • Heists2

    @drue Are you running it on the Steam version of the game? I'm currently playing it on a clean install of the Steam version of the game and haven't encountered any crashes.

    @dongking516 This will come back in an update soon but rewritten and improved.

    @Senates This mod doesn't save any data or anything, when updating the script just drag the new files in to your games scripts folder and overwrite.

    @Senates Yeah, I also use that mod and haven't had any problems with conflict.

    @llamaxus Not really sure what you mean, this mod is the "all in one menu mod". If you have an old version of this script installed then it will conflict and you'll need to remove the old version.

    @thalilmythos Hmm, it sounds like there's a problem with the pickup model that's spawning. It's weird because I can't replicate the problem on mine. In the next update I will change the pickup model and test another one to see if that solves it.

    @Fuyuhiko Thanks! I'll probably make some adjustments to the payouts of all repo jobs soon.

    @Vacht Thank you! Do you have NativeUI and all other requirements installed and up to date? Have you tried holding shift + left arrow key on keyboard or A + dpad left on controller?

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  • Heists2

    Have just spotted a bug where using the infiltration suit approach can occasionally register the player to the 4th slot in the cutscenes instead of the first. I'm currently looking in to it and trying to work out what's causing it.

    2 días
  • Heists2

    @thalilmythos Yeah that's weird, I'm not really too sure to be honest. The latest update still spawns pickups the same way as previous versions and the same way as other mods do.

    I have just released a small update - focusing on improvements to the casino heist, version 2.4. This update contains:

    Added a lot of extra voice lines,
    General bug fixes and improvements,
    When selecting your approaches you can now pick between purchasing boiler suits or sourcing infiltration suits from the military base. The infiltration suit is a stealth suit from online with night vision goggles. This option is only used for explosive or emp approaches.

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  • Heists2

    @delta24_dom Make sure you have scripthook, scripthookV .net and nativeui installed and all up to date. You’ll also need a legit copy of the game with all updates installed. Then copy over AIOMenu.dll, naudio.dll and the AIOMenu folder to your games scripts folder. Then press sprint + left while playing to open the menu - normally shift + left arrow key on keyboard or A + dpad left on controller.

    @KubsonDoMaka If you hold sprint + left - normally shift + left arrow key on keyboard or A + dpad left on controller then that should open it.

    @xgbrindlex There should be a yellow boiler suit blip on your map, you’ll have to go to that ammu nation to buy the boiler suit and they are on the wall on the right as you walk in. The script will normally show the route for you on your mini map but I know GTA can sometimes get a bet weird and will fail to do it properly.

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  • Heists2

    @drue Only thing I can think is that it’s failing to load the audio and causing it to crash, this normally happens if the game isn’t up to date. Is your game fully updated?

    @ManWhoLaughs Yeah the next update will feature the full Humane Labs heist with setups, cutscenes, audio and stuff. The aircraft carrier heist is part of the setup when you steal the EMP. It will also be included as a standalone heist as well.

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