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    unfortunately the textures inside seems to have been squeezed inside and not made smaller to fit, @danilo carlos can you make the dash textures smaller so they aren't stretched or changed? the driverside texture is way too big to fit it needs to be smaller, the other parts are stretched, can you resize it all so it fits properly?

    aproximadamente unha hora
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    @Ecio i never wanted a bull, but it was his choice to add it, same with authornames so i thought mind aswell add my name too, the dash should be much better now if he corrected it.

    aproximadamente unha hora
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    @tall70 he is going to reupload the mod, the dashboard ui has been reworked entirely to what it was intended to be, i also included my symetiumos ui design in the dashboard to show how it's supposed to work, the steeringwheel could been abit of work too, i wanted something more sleek even though the one he did was quite beautiful, this time the mod will be electric, shame the back engine cover couldn't be removed, i also wanted the roof to be an extra so you could turn it into glass too.

    5 días
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    @tall70 it's actually supposed to be an electric car, but the model is not finished so theres an enginecover in the back which shouldn't be there, i wanted to remove all the line details including the entire cover and make everything smooth, i wanted to make the rear glass with an oled screen for rearlights meaning any type of rearlight design

    you can see what i had in mind for the final model https://twitter.com/ZZCOOL/status/956967917962366976

    i did try various different designs but i was never satisfied with them


    i do like this one more than the released model here on gta5mods

    i honestly liked this one alot but it's so messy that i have no idea what to change to get it that way again

    i wanted it to be perfect so much that i ruined alot of things with it



    this sideprofile was great i don't know what i did to ruin it https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C8qbkUaVYAAqQqq.jpg:large

    i do wish he saved all the models as i told him to but i don't think he saved everything seperately, so i am quite sure the old work was lost, @Danilo Carlos was all the old models saved so that all these designs are still there?

    i am not sure what happened, but there was alot of miscommunication on things and it was hard to keep track on everything, i kept wanting it to be better more unique, designwork is extremely annoying with cars, you think something is going to look good and then when you actually see it you think oh thats a really bad idea, if you fix one thing another thing breaks if you make it look good from one angle, it will look bad from another, if i had unlimited tries to do it it would be easier

    this is actually what it started from https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C42TbwgUYAErLJd.jpg:large

    this was back when the design was more unique to me and not just inspired by lamborghini

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    5 días
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    wish someone would release a map mod with proper models and grass something that looks like the quality of v not iv

    Mércores 7 de Febreiro de 2018
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    @JRod well to me it seems out of place to have a big forest with no trees so i think populating that would be an interesting idea, right now it's just a empty piece of nothing grass, but it could become a big forest

    Martes 6 de Febreiro de 2018
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    @JRod can you add a nice forest near the madrazo farm it's completely empty there

    Martes 6 de Febreiro de 2018
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    can you categorize all objects in spoonermode so it looks like gmod pictures of every part

    Domingo 4 de Febreiro de 2018
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    @Danilo Carlos i sent you an email a few days ago did you get it? can we continue the work?

    Venres 2 de Febreiro de 2018
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    @DV23 i actually told him he could call it pegassi volitan, or my own brand as it was originally meant to be enligia volitan, the upload was rushed so i didn't have time to say much about the title etc he said he would do it differently next version.

    Martes 30 de Xaneiro de 2018