DethMasta's Drive-by Mod 1.01 Extreme Version



Ever wanted to blast other cars with an automatic shotgun while your flying down the road? Well, with this mod you can use more weapons while driving vehicles. Now you can customize your own version of the mod with my tutorial.

Update 1.01:
Updated for the New Extreme Version
Extreme Version: All weapons except PDW, Railgun, and Marksman rifle.

Special Thanks to:
For helping me get the weapons not use two hands.

Larger weapons stick out of vehicles.
Some weapons won't fire correctly in First Person in a vehicle. (Sniper Rifles,
Rocket Launchers, and Bullpup Shotgun.

Put the vehiclelayouts.meta in update/update.rpf/common/data/ai
For Extreme Version put weapons.meta and vehiclelayouts.meta in update/update.rpf/common/data/ai

Update 1.0:
Updated for the gunrunning update

Update 0.9:
Added the newer weapons
Updated for the Biker Update

Update 0.8b
Added a few variations
Added a help file so people can make it custom for themselves

Update 0.8
Remade the mod for the newest Lowrider Update.
Added the double barrel shotgun and compact rifle.

Update 0.7b
Added SMGs back (except PDW) and added more variations of the mod.
Faster in vehicle firerate and faster rocket speed on RPG.
Faster in vehicle firerate for marksman pistol.
Faster in vehicle firerate for railgun.
Added all versions of the mod.

Update 0.7
Updated files after the Lowrider/Halloween update.
Removed a few guns because of weird animations (temporary)

Update 0.6
Added the Marksman Pistol

Update 0.5:
Made 1 new version
Added the new smg
Added new versions with only ap pistol.

Update 0.4c:
Made 3 versions
Fixed a few bugs

Update 0.4b:
Added AK47 (somehow forgot about it)

Update 0.4:
Added sniper rifles.
Added rocket launchers.
Added Marksman Rifle.
Added minigun back.
Made 2 different versions.

Update 0.3: Combined both mods into one. Most weapons are on bikes, the ones that only use one hand are used in cars. Fixed a glitch that caused you not to able to use throwable weapons.

Update 0.2: Added extra version that has all weapons except RPGs.

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First Uploaded: Sábado 23 de Maio de 2015
Last Updated: Domingo 23 de Xullo de 2017
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