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SP Carcols is a mod that modify the tuning of vanilla vehicles, adding options that allow for more flexibility when customizing your ride. Basically, the mod :
- Add options to remove certains parts such as spoilers
- Split category so multiple parts can be enabled at the same time, for example : having both a roof rack and louvers on the Sentinel Classic
- Add new combinaison of parts that wouldn't be possible by splitting category, for example : Having a version of the Fill Bumper with the Tow Strap on the Club
- Add unused content from the files, for example : the Primary painted rear bumper on the Omnis e-GT
- Add parts from variants of some vehicle, for example : Adding the Gauntlet Classic Custom's Wheelie Bars to the Gauntlet Classic
- General fixes and minor enhnacement
A list with every changes is available in the mod files called changelog.txt.
As of now, the mod cover vehicles from The Doomsday Heist up to Los Santos Drug Wars.
Please note that certains parts aren't available at Los Santos Custom. It is recommended to use a trainer such as Simple Native Trainer.

A .oiv file is available to install the mod automatically to V using OpenIV. Alternatively, the mod can be installed manually for experienced users. Note that some files need to be installed in the dlc-patch folder from update.rpf. Extra step are required to install this mod when using NaturalVision Evolved, more info in the ReadMe.txt

1.0 Initial Release, include The Contract, Los Santos Tuners and The Cayo Perico Heist carcols.meta
1.1 Add the Los Santos Summer Special carcols.meta
1.2 Add the Diamond Casino Heist and Diamond Casino & Resort carcols.meta
1.2.1 - Remove the hood catchs of the Dominator ASP for stability reason. Also the catchs conflict with the GT Hood
1.3 Add The Criminal Enterprises carcols.meta
1.4 Add The Doomsday Heist, SSASSS, After Hours, Arena War and Los Santos Drug Wars carcols.meta

Rockstar Games - Original carcols.meta files
Bondergomme - Mod Creator
ukeyS - Screenshots
The VanillaWorks Community - Inspirations

Shout out to Skysder, ItsJustCurtis, WildBrick142, YaBoiBlasty and TheF3nt0n in particular.
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