IV Style Exit Vehicle [.NET] 3.3.2

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This is a DIRECT conversion of Drivers' IV Style Exit Vehicle LUA script. This is done because LUA is outdated, the suggested alternatives are way too complex and I just loved the simplicity and effectiveness of the original mod.

Since he's not had any activity here since August and I'm an impatient bastard, I'm uploading it here now.

Beware that due to this, I might remove this mod on request.

You'll need ScriptHookVDotNet.
Put the file in the scripts folder.

Not sure if this is caused by the original script or my C# implementation, but getting out immediately after getting in will have the car turn off.

If you're running this mod in tandem with my Manual Transmission mod and the engine stalls, it restarts when you exit the vehicle normally with this mod. I might put in a workaround here if all is fine with Driver.

Fixed inconsistencies with the original LUA script.
Thanks, Remix, for pointing these out.
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