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    Love this alot, do you think you would be able to release a version for FiveM build 3095?

    Mércores 22 de Maio de 2024
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    Hey man,
    Absolutely love this MLO you've put out. I was wondering if you think you would be able to do something like this but at the Humane Labs? Asking as I make a lot of SCP cinematics in GTA V/ FiveM and I've been looking for a good MLO to use at the Humane Labs instead of the base Humane Labs. Hell even a direct replica like this but in the Humane Labs would be awesome to use for cinematics. I know servers like ProGamerNetwork would use this in a heartbeat if this was at Humane Labs (If you watch any videos with SCP from PGN you'll know they use Humane Labs for their site)

    Domingo 28 de Abril de 2024