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  • Gtao64

    Which version contains the files for [YCA] SCRAT's "Ford Focus RS 2017" and 00AbOlFaZl00's "2009 Ford Focus RS"?

    Xoves 17 de Febreiro de 2022
  • Gtao64

    I understand now, by "Fix Compatibility with SHDVN3" you meant the version of the SHVDN3 package (e.g. ScriptHookVDotNet v3.x.x) and not the ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll file.

    Q: It's "SHVDN 3.0.4" a typing mistake or do I really need to use that old (its almost two years old) version?

    Q: Does your mod has the Online Map feature? -- I'm using I'm Not MentaL's "Benny's Original Motor Works in SP 1.9.1" which has that feature (needed to be on in order to work); he stated that it should be turned off if its turned on via another mod.

    @GTAV Noob Modder117
    For running script mods which rely on SHVDN in order to function, you only need four files from the ScriptHookVDotNet.zip archive which you drop into the root folder of GTA V game, where the "GTA5.exe" is located, not in "scripts" folder:
    - ScriptHookVDotNet.asi;
    - ScriptHookVDotNet.ini;
    - ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll;
    - ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll.

    PS: ScriptHookVDotNet.zip should contain only files, not folders. It's recommended to download it from https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases .

    Martes 8 de Febreiro de 2022
  • Gtao64

    Q: Is SPGR 1.1 the only version compatible with SHDVN3 or are later versions compatible as well, especially version 6.0?

    A1: Yes. -- I can use LemonUI 1.6, ScriptHookV v1.0.2545.0 & ScriptHookVDotNet v3.4.0
    A2: No. -- I can use only LemonUI 1.5.2 (last version which supports SHVDN2), ScriptHookV v1.0.2545.0 & ScriptHookVDotNet v3.4.0

    I'm asking because in Description at Install section writes "install LemonUI 1.5" and "install scripthookvdotnet2", but I see that at SPGR 1.1 its stated "Fix Compatibility with SHDVN3".

    Luns 7 de Febreiro de 2022
  • Gtao64

    @sezbulent Any news/updates regarding that version for higher resolutions?

    Luns 31 de Xaneiro de 2022
  • Gtao64

    @POLICESCO You should consider making it an add-on because it is ... too much for a replacer. My game froze for a second when the vehicle was spawned in traffic -- no other replacer mod/a few add-ons and scripts. Right now I'm using it as add-on but I miss being able to use it along with the in-game taxi function.
    That being said, I hope an optimized and cleaner (those unused files removed) version will be released at some point which would also include an used dirt map for wheels and a better dirt map (larger area) for vehicle. And a proper "READ!!!.docx" file, not just a filler.

    Luns 31 de Xaneiro de 2022
  • Gtao64

    @pumaone You can easily make it an Add-on -- https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/222/tutorial-vehicles-weapons-how-to-do-add-on-s-replacer-s?page=1.

    You only need "frdtx19.yft", "frdtx19_hi.yft" and "frdtx19.ytd" files.

    Luns 31 de Xaneiro de 2022
  • Gtao64

    @nggyu_sam Open the trainerv.ini file and look for "//EXPLANATION AND LIST OF KEYCODES//" section then proceed to make changes under "////KEYBINDINGS SECTION////" section.

    Some Submenus have more pages; "MenuKeyScrollUp" (right) and "MenuKeyScrollDown" (left) are used to navigate thru those pages.
    After you made those changes, check if a key code which you have modified isn't associated with another function.

    Luns 31 de Xaneiro de 2022
  • Gtao64

    @toobalooboolama You're welcome. I've just downloaded it, so I hope it will looks good.

    Venres 21 de Xaneiro de 2022
  • Gtao64

    @toobalooboolama You can see the main difference by looking at the screenshots.
    HPS (High Pressure Sodium) are the yellowish ones.
    LED (Light Emitting Diode) are the whiteish ones.

    Venres 21 de Xaneiro de 2022
  • Gtao64

    @RealZolika1351 That was it. Thank you.

    The mistake was that I was looking at "HotkeyXMenu1" as being the Main Menu and not a Submenu -- "HotkeyXMenuY refers to the bottom left corner ID of the submenu the option's in minus 1 (e.g. Misc menu would be Menu1=4, Helpful would be Menu2=0, Give Health would be Menu3=11)".

    Sábado 15 de Xaneiro de 2022