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    Due to the outbreak of the CoronaVirus, progression with the MLO features in this mod have taken a temporary halt. I will be releasing Stark Mansion 1.5 which will feature collision fixes along with many other new features - the only missing features will be MLO.
    Thank you for everyone being patience.
    Oh, and you'll have the choice to install the Stark Mansion with or without Tony Stark's cars stored in the garage giving you the option to park your own vehicles.

    Mércores 25 de Marzo de 2020
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    @anon013371 My stark mansion map might be a bit more 'load heavy' (in laymen terms) than your other mods - so when you approach at a certain distance the game will try to load parts of the map all at once.
    This goes on to face/poly count, as it stands this test version has certain models which have triple or quadrupedal faces thus making the models a pain to load (unless you have an up-to-date gaming PC).

    I have fixed this with the Stark mansion 2.0 version a long with other features and will release soon.
    But i will say the problem isn't my mod, the problem is you're trying to run too much at once so when it has a hefty file to load, such as my stark mansion mod, it will crash the game.
    So please reconsider your rating as I feel your rating is unfair especially when you seem to be the only person who has crashing issues to my knowledge.

    This is a common issue with addon car mods - have too many and the game will crash no matter gameconfig you use, doesn't mean the said mod is the problem.

    Luns 16 de Marzo de 2020
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    @anon013371 How many mods have you got installed? If you have to many it is known to crash the game.. if you are not using a custom gameconfig i recommend you do.
    I don't think your crashing issue is because of my mod.. I think it is because you are trying to load too many things at once. Please reconsider your rating.

    Luns 16 de Marzo de 2020
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    @Raymaster Thank you for your feedback. Myself and DEKURWINATOR are working on fixed and improved version. This build was rushed as I hoped to get it finished by Christmas but didnt so I released what I currently had created on the jan 3rd. New version will be coming out shortly! Also with MLO!

    @okironman Thank you for you message - I have sent a message with my personal email, looking forward to seeing what you have created!

    Sábado 7 de Marzo de 2020
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    @Saiki I uploaded a picture of its location but: https://img.gta5-mods.com/q95/images/stark-mansion/166b14-518445247_preview_imponentrage1.jpg

    Please note this build is a W.I.P and should have a new build up soon!

    Mércores 26 de Febreiro de 2020
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    @moncler bucks Hey! I do but hardly ever use - best way to follow or keep in contact would be youtube or discord :)
    Discord: JDeezNutz#0907
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JDHauser

    Luns 24 de Febreiro de 2020
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    Hey - Download OpenIV - run openIV and chose follow the instructions (chose GTA.exe in GTA directory)

    - You now have openIV installed.

    Follow these instructions to install the mod:

    - Travel to: 'mods\update\x64\dlcpacks' and create folder s10

    - Drag the 'dlc.rpf' file from this download in to the s10 folder.

    - Locate - 'mods\update\update.rpf\common\data' and drag 'dlclist.xml' to desktop

    - Open 'dlclist.xml' in 'Notepad' and add

    dlcpacks:\s10\ (with correct layout)

    Save file with 'Notepad', drag 'dlclist.xml' from desktop back to


    - Save and close

    You will need a script menu like Menyoo to spawn the car.

    Good Luck

    Martes 4 de Febreiro de 2020
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    @shifuguru send me a PM man

    Venres 31 de Xaneiro de 2020
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    @shifuguru Thanks man!

    Martes 28 de Xaneiro de 2020
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    @Bodzio_pl Yes myself and DEKURWINATOR are currently working on the update - scroll to the top and click 'follow update' and you will be notified when a new version is out!

    Luns 27 de Xaneiro de 2020