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    @WolfSuriv truly excellent! One recommendation: would it be possible to make a version with slightly bigger blood pools! Keep up the good work!

    Sábado 7 de Outubro de 2017
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    @Kaai210 Excellent work man! Is your Max Payne 3 mod still underway? How's it coming along? Keep it up!

    Domingo 6 de Agosto de 2017
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    @dominic8704 my man, top quality work! Love the models. they're really good! I've got one question though: is it possible to make the bullet holes appear in them? because they do not show! Other than that, wonderful work. Keep it up!

    Xoves 24 de Novembro de 2016
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    @jedijosh920 Impressive work my man! I can´t seem to get it working though. I have the latest versions of both scripthooks and the script in my scripts folder, but it does not work. I have gore V and blood V installed, could it be an incompatibility issue with any of those 2 mods? keep up the good work, and thank you!

    Venres 4 de Novembro de 2016
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    @CSYON Mate,this looks amazing! Keep it up! Sadly I can´t get it working, I install it correctly but then my old textures show up. I do have a modified version of decals.dat , if that is the mistake, would you be so kind to provide me yours (or a link to one that will work), because as stupid as it sounds, I forgot to make a backup of the file (yes..I know...)

    Venres 28 de Outubro de 2016
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    @CarnathSmecher Do you plan on adding the Mafia 3 blood textures or further updating the mod? Awesome mod, keep it up!

    Martes 18 de Outubro de 2016
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    @Bravercoolio My man, awesome update! I´ve got a question though, where can I check those "coordinates" I got to input on the peddamage.xml file to make wounds/soak make a different color? By that I mean, where can I find the grid that says which determinate numbers correspond to a specific color? I´d appreciate an answer, and keep up the good work!

    Martes 16 de Agosto de 2016
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    @BlackHack09 Cool mod mate, but the install instructions are downright awful. Try to make an OIV package, would be much simpler and you wouldn´t get hassled with so many questions about the install instructions

    Domingo 31 de Xullo de 2016
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    @BraverCoolio Thanks mate! To make the blood brighter go to the peddamage.xml file you created, look for the first two lines that say <BloodColor x="0.400000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />
    <SoakColor x="0.390000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />" , select them and paste this on top of them <BloodColor x="0.800000" y="0.050000" z="0.050000" />
    <SoakColor x="0.620000" y="0.100000" z="0.100000" />
    Or replace the values manually, however you see fit!

    Luns 25 de Xullo de 2016
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    @BraverCoolio Looks awesome mate,keep it up!
    Could you make a version where the shotgun wounds are not spread out? Also soaking should be a little bit bigger, but that´s about it.
    Everything else´s perfect!

    Luns 25 de Xullo de 2016