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    I am getting this message shortly after I deal to someone

    Unhandled exception in script "LSlife.LSL"
    ArguementOutOfRangeException at System.Random.Next(Int32minValue, Int32 maxValue)

    Any idea on how I can fix this?

    Venres 17 de Setembro de 2021
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    @mcal9909 So all of the characters have to have shared money between the stash cars? Drugs and all are just always shared between the 3?

    Mércores 30 de Xuño de 2021
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    @mcal9909 Is there any way to change the amount of money you are carrying before the bag gets put on? Thanks

    Mércores 30 de Xuño de 2021
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    @Warburg_ When you have 'Pull me over' installed as well, "witnesses" will call the cops when you are speeding and report it as murder. Loved this mod up until I couldn't use it lol

    Sábado 26 de Xuño de 2021
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    @HKH191 I am an idiot. It was totally my fault, I apologize. I had the older version of Pull Me Over. Great work!

    Xoves 24 de Xuño de 2021
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    @HKH191 I am having an issue with using this mod and pull me over together. For some reason when I have advanced actions enabled, the police no longer patrol the city unless I'm on a mission. Suggestions?

    Martes 22 de Xuño de 2021