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Hello everyone.
V4 is up ! With a new Add-Ons Car shop, The Import Shop ! (Up to 300!)
I have added all the new DLC vehicles "The Contract"
Another improved version is here with one major bug correction (North shop)
New Custom Car Shop ! Featuring all realistic models ! (& default prices)
With +400 Car ! In 4 different shop ! With fully configurable prices & lots more !
Whole custom graphics Interface (Icon Banners Badges & more !)
Lots of people asked me for Add-Ons Support It took time but it's have been added to the Mods !
To Update in V4(&+) Need LemonUI Need installing new Texture (Use .oiv or Manually)

- LemonUI (v1.5.1) & +
- SHV (v1.0.2372) & +
- SHVDN (v3.3.1) & +

Requirements :
- LemonUI (Latest Only = v1.5.1)
- Script Hook V (Latest Only = v1.0.2372)
- Script Hook V .Net (Latest Only = v3.3.1)
- A mod which keep DLC car spawned like Simple Trainer or Add-On Vehicle Spawner
- A mod which open Simeon car shop interior like Enable All Interior ( Or Change Pos+Spawn in cityshop.ini )
- OpenIV

-Add your own Add-Ons Cars (Import Shop, Up to 300 Vehicles)
-5 Car Shop (City Ghetto North Premium & Import)
-All Car could be purchased (Up to "The Contract" DLC)
-Full prices editing (& editable Multiplicator for global Increase >1 / Decrease <1)
-An insurance system (Allow to re-buy a car at a lower cot for a number of time, it Can be edited in .ini, Prices too)
-Minimap Blip (With On/Off)
-Intelligent Notifications
-Full Controller Support (Open= E or Right)
-Many Customisation possibility (Shop Position & more)
-Personalized Graphics Interface (Different atmosphere for each shop, Banners Icones & Colors)

-Open OpenIV (& Allow Editing)
-Install .oiv (Or manually)
-Put the Scripts Folder in your game Directory
-Play !

If you find a bug or a miss please post a com' Thanks
If anyone wants to share his own configuration files (.ini) I will be happy to included it in the download (As alternative options)
I hope you like it !

Corrected version v4.1:
-Corrected icons Path fail, in .oiv & others

ChangeLog V4:
-Added all latest DLC vehicles, "The Contract"
-Added ADD-ONS support, in a new Shop ! ImportShop, People asked for that, It took time but it's now here ! (Up to 300 Vehicle !) Set them in .ini (Tutorial included in the download)
-Updated to new icons Path
-Corrected a bug in NorthShop, Thanks to those who reported that !
-Corrected Blips ON/OFF not in the default .ini
-Corrected GhettoShop Vans buying bug
-Corrected CityShop Super Garage Mod Features (For a future mod)

Corrected version v3.3:
- Reworked CarShopIni no more need editing CityShop.ini but now need turn off Main Mods (CarShop)
- Added more security (Preventing Crash, Error, & Lag)
- Added HowTo .txt file (Teach use of CarShopIni & Outside Dealership Coords (For city Shop) & Installation)
- Correcting few little errors

Corrected version v3.2:
-Added Unanticiped Crash Security
-Corrected Crash on Player death
-Corrected North Shop Still not showing in some case !

Corrected Version V3.1:(Thanks to Joseph78 for reporting few error)
- Correcting NorthShop not showing without reloading scripts ! (A missed ";")
- Correcting PricesMultiplier wasn't able to be under 1 (To put prices down)
- Correcting Money not being spend !
- Added a protection to not spawn car on other car/ on yourself
- Modifying Purchase text

New Features in 3.0:
-Added Controller Support !
-Added .oiv Installer ! (This installer does not erase any modded files or replace any original files, it's creating new ones. Have fun ! (So uninstalling them is useless))
-Updated to LemonUI ! (Full Rewrite)
-Rework Graphic & Colors
-Add an Insurance System (Configurable in each shop .ini , Default (InsuranceStartNb) = 2 next same model free)
-Added Custom Badges for Insurance Count
-Added a Folder for all .ini (Named NewStory)
-Added an IniCreator.dll (Optional) who replace all ini to default, or recreate if deleted (To use write false in cityshop.ini/option/IniCreated or delete .ini)
-Add .ini files: -Set your own prices
-Set a Prices Multiplier (In Each Shop .ini = PricesMultiplier)
-Set Insurance start number
-Change Shop Pos & Spawn(Pos must be near Spawn <15m)
-Change Spawn Heading
-Most ini change need only open/close menu to reload (Prices Insurance)
-Rework some prices (Up)
-Rework Prices system
-Rework Car Preview System (Now display car on item selection so Deleted Preview Menu)
-Added a Preview Security (Check if car spawn is obstructed)
-Added custom Notifications Icons
-Added a.ini for futur ModPack Config(Named NewStoryModPackSettings)
-Added a .ini which keep buyed car ((in GarageMod.ini to be used in a futur Garage Mod (GarageModOn = Default Disable (in NewStoryModPackSettings))
-Added a Blip On/Off(In each Shop .ini)
-Corrected a few miss
-Splited ReadMe & ChangeLog
-Changed 5mods Name to "Car Shop CGPN" was "Kang's Car Shop" (CGPN means City Ghetto Premium North)

New Features in 2.0:
-Custom banner texture for each shop
-Preview cars options

To do list by priority: (Any Help/Suggestions will be appreciated!)
-Add another version using some of the best vehicles shop from 5mods (4 shop) Any Idea ?
-Create a Special Camera for vehicles Preview
-Add vehicles Color Choice/Possibility
-Notifications System upgrade
-Another idea ? Share it ! I often Include people suggestion & needs
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