Vehicle Booster - Car Ramming 1.8


1.0 First release.
1.1 You can now smash into other vehicles without spinning out! It is much more like the Sleeping Dogs car ramming feature! Just be sure you hold Spacebar (keyboard) or Hold Accelerate + Handbrake (gamepad) when you hit a vehicle!
Also, you can now boost Backwards.
Lastly, I changed the Keyboard controls to be a bit easier to use, although the Gamepad controls are still superior. You can toggle off the mod with CTRL + X.
1.2 You now regain your speed after smashing into a car! Just keep holding Accelerate & Handbrake (Gamepad) or Handbrake (Keyboard) while smashing into cars to keep the momentum going!
Also, there is now a delay between boosting, so it isn't possible to spam it, as suggested by @bringus. Of course, you can edit the .cs to remove the boost delay (by changing the values to "0") so it will be just like the previous version.
1.3 Added a .ini config! You can now change certain settings in the ini and press "X" on your keyboard to reload the changes instantly while in-game! Also, you can smash through cars more easily now by keeping the Accelerate key pressed, but only a few seconds after boosting, so keep boosting!
1.4 Now you maintain your direction while side boosting (no more sliding out of control!). Check out my new video for an example; It makes it easy to dodge other cars right before a collision!
Also, the ini config now allows you to change almost any control!
Added new video too.
1.5 Mostly just bug fixes and fine tuning. Cars require a bit more damage before catching on fire. Also, the pushing is a bit less crazy. You can keep your previous ini, there were no changes there.
1.6 Reduced chance of setting cars on fire and made vehicle collision detection a bit better. Added new video.
1.7 Now less OP! Your car has a higher chance of losing control against bigger vehicles. Also, you won't go speeding off at an insane speed after ramming a vehicle head on; you will lose a bit of speed (but not too much that it isn't fun anymore!). Lastly, there are now boost effects when boosting sideways and forwards (many thanks to Eddlm's Realistic Nitro source). You can keep your previous INI file.
1.8 Added Sleeping Dogs-style forward boost; you are only boosted a short distance, and then returned to your previous speed after a few milliseconds. You can turn this off if you prefer the original forward boost. Also you can use the side boosts to more easily flip your car over.
Fixed many bugs as well and tweaked the overall code. Be sure you are using the latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet (2.9.2 as of this writing).

Turns out I got the inspiration from Sleeping Dogs, which got its inspiration from Vin Diesel Wheelman. Thank you to all that let me know!
Old comment: There was a game that I remember playing that allowed you to boost your car sideways in order to smash into other cars and take them out. Maybe it was a Burnout game, but the name escapes me.

Basically, this script let's you do just that! You can boost left, right, forwards, and backwards! Any car you smash into will be pushed with excessive force (compared to the vanilla physics). Of course, you can edit the Boost force and Push force to your liking.

To get a better idea, watch the video I have uploaded for version 1.4; it is very low quality though.

The LSPD notifications, and the "ramming authorized" and "Suspect Wanted" texts (in the pictures) are from Eddlm & The Realism Team's "Better Chases + Arrest Warrant" mod.
The Speedometer is from MAFINS' "Menyoo PC" trainer.
The flames from the car exhaust are from EddIm's Realistic Nitro mod.


How to install:
Place "scripts" folder in the GTA V installation directory; same folder where GTA5.exe is.

By default, the mod is turned ON. You can switch it off with CTRL + X.
You can reload the ini settings by pressing X on your keyboard!
Almost every control can be changed in the ini file now.

Default Gamepad Controls:

While holding gas (Right Trigger on Xbox):
Boost Forward: Duck (A), then push Forward on the Left Stick
Boost Left: Duck (A), then turn Left
Boost Right: Duck (A), then turn Right
For a short time after boosting, keep holding gas (Right Trigger) to push other vehicles with more force.

While holding reverse (Left Trigger on Xbox):
Boost Backward: Duck (A), then push Backward on the Left Stick

Default Keyboard Controls:

While holding gas (W key)
Boost Forward: Hold Spacebar or Left Mouse, then tap SHIFT
Boost Left: Hold Spacebar or Left Mouse, then turn LEFT
Boost Right: Hold Spacebar or Left Mouse, then turn RIGHT
For a short time after boosting, keep holding gas (W) to push other vehicles with more force.

While holding reverse (S key)
Boost Backward: Hold Spacebar or Left Mouse, then tap CTRL

You can change the controls in the .ini file. I recommend editing it with Notepad++.
Here are the control keys: http://pastebin.com/5um8q0rd
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